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Not a very good work place and unhappy with treatment of employees.When employees feel abused and unhappy owners respond by cutting hrs forcing employees to seek employment elsewhere.I have found other employees that have been treated in the same manner and one of them I even tried to help only to be accused of trying to be their best friend....WRONG ! One past employee who's name is Jennifer who's forced comments on the company's web site was so distraught, she cried every time the owner abused her but didn't say anything back because she paid the bills at her home. The owner would see her crying out back and come in laughing saying what a joke she is..I was there and saw and heard everything. I will be her witness if need be.
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:? I have known Joy since high school and worked a number of projects with her.

Not only does she maintain one of the most creative florist shops in Fort Lauderdale, I have never known her to be mean,petty, cruel, or hurful to anyone. Granted, florist is a tough business, but employee complaints are not consumer complaints.

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Fictitous florist

Your review Fictitous Florist"Ž - "Ž - 2010-10-17 The shop was not owned by the same owner for 36 yrs. It was sold to a couple of men during her location on Federal Hwy.Then when it went under because of the building being sold and the owners lost intrest the original owner decided to take it back and move it a few blocks away into a rat infested building. I personally saw the huge traps being loaded and placed on top of the air-cond vents. Two days later we would notice the stench of the dead rats but I was not about to climb the ladder to retriev them. This went on for months and still does. Yes I'm a great designer but with a customer gratification complex not a Napoleon Complex. I would say that 75 percent of the pictures and comments do belong to me or otherwise you would not have them on the site because if I was not there designing and getting comments they would not have any decent pictures or comments. I did not quit Joys for a better position I just took time off with her permission so I could make extra money. I always kept contact with Joy and phoned her often to see if she needed me to come in and her answer was no, you go ahead and make the extra money I'm fine here cause its so slow. Now for the matter of fraud, I have 450 copys of my transactions between a client and myself who tried to screw me out of 2000.00...But I just so happen to beat her to the punch and cashed it...But we dont need to go there but if anyone would like to read them I am willing to sit down and go through everyone of them with you.As far as the so called refridgerated trucks sent by Miami importers. I do not call old vans, cars, refridgerated Miami importers. they are people that run down to the airport and all buy the same left over *** that the grocery stores leave behind. As far as the stores appearance when I arrived, yes it was in need of repair and a makeover.It took 4 gallons of paint, 3 sheets of bamboo paneling, new glass tables a box of floor tiles and a pack of razor blades to scrape the sun faded flowers off the windows so to let some sunshine in,and just anything to set arrangements on instead of being crambed on old dusty diningroom hutches and old bookshelves. I never begged anyone for a position in all my life,and all my friends know that about me I just told Joy I was finished and she set my hrs up and I went in the next day.As far as Rick goes yes he is a gentleman but I was also when I started but my experience working there changed all that when I started to see and feel the abuse from the owner, the drugs being used by another past employee and the so called exboyfriend smoking pot out the back door. I never said they were the best shop in town, 2 other stores on Las Olas Blvd have that title. You said you once loved me what you really meant to say is " You once used me " and it will never happen again guys. Oh that statement about standing order from "Green Farms" wasn't that going to turn into a lawsuit because the companys website was *** that Palo created and they refused to pay him. I dont believe in my lies I believe in me and so does alot of other friends and clients of mine. I wish Rick a lot of luck and patience with Joys Florist...Edit - Delete Are you sure you want to delete this? There was an error deleting your review. Please try again later.
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I would not want to be a designer in this town.Years back it was nice, but as of 2010, the town sucks, and the shops that are left are just your plain ole mom and pop run of the mill FTD *** that any Mexican can do for 7.25 an hr... :)


This so called designer sounds like trouble. With all his trash talking & personal vendetta he will be lucky to find another job as a "Designer" May I suggest the soup line!



Hey Who Cares :cry I'm doing nothing of the sort. As a matter of fact I'm :grin laughing my dam *** off because now the internet world will know everything about that pot smoking, pill buying, drinking while working, disfunctional mental institution that is and always will be as long as the owners do not seek help.

:grin :grin :grin Thats how I feel.

I'm so happy that myself and my designs will never ever appear in that institution again.God knew I didnt belong there and out I went.Man I feel so much better. I never :cry I :grin






following up....I have recived a few telephone calls from lawyers recommended by The Florida State Human Relations Commission, the results are :grin for being harassed, sexually harassed, and for being punched in my face.


I really dont care about COURT.I'm 53 and what are they going to get my watch...Too late to worry about a record...But as I am concerned I plan on taking alot more than that. :( ..I was sexually harrassed by the boyfriend, *** always grabbed,his hands all over me when alone in the van.Stating to me that his girlfriend was crazy and needed help.

Guess thats why he moved in with a *** couple.

I have tolerated enough in my life just to make a living for myself.And now Someone is going to answer for all the abuse I have recived including the owners family. I have recived all the paperwork through the net to provide the necessary legitament complaints and subpeons to start the proceedings


This flower shop is now calling and texting me to stop my posting, and get this, to govern myself accordingly or they will take action against me. Govern myself,like they did too me.

Punching me in my face,cutting my hrs down to twenty,then giving me a day off,then on the same day sneaking over to my apart. and shoving a sloppy hand written pink slip in my door.I dont think so.The whole shop excluding the new designer and the driver which leaves 2 have brought this upon themselves.I have called the Department of Human Relations to pursue this matter further.


I would not beg or even consider stepping into that store ever again.I do not know anything about a so called brother threatening them..This is just something they are making up because they know the cat is out of the bag now and someone is finally not taking their *** anymore.


This review of Joy’s Florist of Joys Florist does not reflect a customer feed back.

It is abusive, hateful and filled with lies. Murray Cacciamani is a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired October 16th 2010.

Murray Cacciamani is a great designer with a “Napaleon Complex” He thinks he is the best and he mistreats what he considers “inferior co-workers. He was let go because of his hostile behavior. You can be great but you cannot be nasty.

Murray Cacciamani did not work with Joys Florist for 2 and half years. He left about a year ago as he got offered an “Interior Decorator” job at a higher pay.

When that did not work out because his client felt defrauded (which we did not know), he begged for his full time job back. We could not give him his full time job back because another great designer showed up. Rick. He is not just talented he is a gentleman.

Murray Cacciamani decided to launch a personal vendetta posting lies. We also received threatening phone calls from his brother trying to have him re-hired or else he will come to hurt us.

We have called the police to report this incident. The police said that a threatening phone call from a drunken individual can be blocked and advised us to pursue a restraining order as well as a slander suit.

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Joys florist fort Lauderdale

Fictitous Statements"Ž - "Ž - Today First of all let me explain who I am.. I was a designer working for Joys Florist for 2 and a half years.The comments below from coconuts2 and Palo are fictitous statements. We did that to see if we could attract shoppers..When I first started there her shop was a lack good design skills and floor display. I worked my buns off painting, cleaning, scrapping off faded old flowers painted on the windows. The store was filthy from top to bottom. The care of the flowers that were bought off of trucks not directly shipped in from Ecuador as stated below were not even taken care of properly and still arent today.I tried my best to turn her store into a beautiful place with professional designs and how to merchandise out dated product.If you look at her site you will see all of my designs and compliments.The more I did the more jealous she got.I watched her turn 2 employees into crying babies almost everyday.The designers come and go as fast as babies use diapers.Being a designer for 35 yrs and even receiving a letter from the White House's decorater after seeing one of my designs in Delaware, I did not enjoy the owner of Joys Florist going in and out of disfunctional personalities.I received a letter in my door today about my termination. We all tried to teach her how to care for flowers but she refused to change her ways.Her 8th grade scribbling penmanship letter stated that she thought that I thought I was to good for her establishment and I belittled her and co-workers. Theres a new designer there whom I thought we were friends and never had a problem with and a driver who gets treated like *** but still holds on. So as to answer her statement. Yes, I am to qualified to be working in her store. I'm a better designer and a better person. I am not a control freak who flies off the handle every time she feels store pressure.I request her to take my name , comments, and designes off her site and return her shop to it's original state.Right now it's all decorated for xmas with mostly my work and some from the new designer.who I give maybe a year being employed by her. How would I describe her...CONFUSED....I want to thank everyone whom I designed for and purchased my designs while employed at Joys...Thank You.
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copy ant paste comments in your brouser

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Hollywood, Florida

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