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Hi, I need to cancel my tickets I got Covid and I cant go to this event. It says no cancellations but Im sure that was before Covid. I would like a refund. If you need me to send proof thats fine just let me know.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

A O Izi

Bad experience

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They oversold NYE tickets. We got to the club and weren't let in due to overcapacity. Wasted money, wasted time. Especially worse because it was NYE, the turn of the decade, and we were looking forward to the night event we paid for.
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker Manhattan, New York

100% SCAM

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Joonbug Productions - 100% SCAM
Purchased tickets to attend NYC 4th of July 2019 event that was supposed to take place on the South Street Heliport 6 East Rivers Piers NY, NY 10004 on Pier 6. I bought 7 tickets for $570.29 on June 20th, 2019. On June 25th, 2019 I get an email stating the event had to be cancelled "due to circumstances beyond our control, the NYPD has altered its traffic control plan for the South Street Heliport and no longer allowing the heliport area of the South St. Seaport to be open to the public" & " Please be assured, that all orders will be promptly refunded. If you have any question about the refund, please check your credit card statement. Your bank controls when the refund will be posted" Today is now July 9th, 2019 and I haven't received a refund or response as to when I will be receiving my refund. I have paid $570.29.
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Reason of review:
Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy

Preferred solution: Full refund

Karver Pmj
map-marker Fountain Valley, California

Charged twice for tickets

I placed an order for 4 tickets order #190-624-****. After entering my c. Card info it said that it didn't go thru the first time. I then Re-entered the info then it went thru I then checked my bank and it showed that I was charged twice, although I only received one email containing the 4 tickets.
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Reason of review:
Order processing issue
map-marker New York, New York

The AMC Ball Drop New Years Party is a complete scam

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I paid $750 per ticket for two of us to have VIP access to see the ball drop from their terrace, enjoy a nice dinner, open bar with premium alcohol, and a festive atmosphere. Instead, I got the following: The worst party and biggest rip-off for its New Year's Eve disaster. 1. 30 min line outside in the 30 degree weather to start the debacle. 2. 30 min bar lines 3. 45-60 min food line for *** appetizers (some of which were displayed in the plastic containers like you'd get at a supermarket.) The line was so long it wound through and around all the VIP tables. The looks on the faces of those in that line was of profound dismay and sadness. 4. Zero decorations. Couldn't they spring for a few streamers or colored table cloths? 5. Vulgar rap music that was so loud you couldn't possibly talk to anyone who wasn't within a foot of your face. 6. One employee standing in the sea of people with a clip board attempting to direct the already-stunned VIP party-goers to a table with hard plastic chairs. If you were one of the particularly unlucky ones, like me, your table was within a few feet of the speakers pumping out the mind-numbing tinnitus-causing vulgar rap music mentioned above. 7. Anyone paying less than $750 a ticket had no reserved seating so many were sitting on the floor or stuck in a dark movie theater. 8. Despite paying $749 too much per ticket, if I wanted to check my coat, that was an extra charge. 9. They provided a peek-a-boo view of the New Years ball from an ice-cold standing room only terrace. We didn't stick around to endure the inevitable cram-fest that we knew would be occurring from 11 to mid-night. 10. There was no dance floor. There was no MC to get the long-faced and duped-feeling revelers into any semblance of excitement. These are just the top 10. There was just so much wrong with what they did and didn't do. After months of anticipation and traveling from So Cal, it was more than disappointing to leave at 930 and then have to scramble to find a nearby restaurant in an effort to avoid simply crying and throwing ourselves to the ground. Even if my review is ignored by AMC and joonbug Productions, I hope others will read this and go elsewhere when making New Years plans.
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Reason of review:
Event not as described

Preferred solution: Full refund

map-marker New York, New York

NYE, VIP at AMC theatre RIP OFF

Joonbug Productions - NYE, VIP at AMC theatre RIP OFF
This company and all its affiliates,Joonbug, Crave Tickets, SkyNet Media Group LLC, Gabel Enterprises are pathetic, RIP OFF scam artists! I stupidly paid $550 a ticket for my daughter and I to attend NYE and be a VIP 6th floor exclusive access to VIP's only Best view of the ball drop live at the AMC Theater on 42nd Street. ( Yes I know how *** of me in the first place!)Yes I saw the ball drop, big deal! I DID NOT GET what I paid for! They falsely and misleadingly advertised what my VIP access would be. EXCLUSIVE VIP only floor, high security keeping the NON vip guests out, priority entry etcSpent thousands on this holiday to come from Australia, so excited for a great night, it was a bad sign when we go to pick up our tickets days before and these incompetent useless excuses for management fail to let us know that hey have moved the pick up tickets venue, I was at the wrong address with about 20 other people and guess what we were nearly all Australians! Also a couple from the UK. We all thought we had been scammed, anyway 4 hours later I finally get to the right address and I complain and want the manager, who happens to be one of the owners of this company, yes the CEO's wife, Then she tells me my tickets are wrong, I have 2 x under 21 VIP access, I should have 1 x 21+ and 1 x under 21, she does sort it out in the end. Yes she was pleasant and helped me.On the night I was supposed to get PRIORITY access into the venue, 45 minutes late, the GA line is entering before the VIP line?? Get up to the 3rd floor which is kids only no alcohol, the Joonbug staff member has no idea whats happening and that our GOLD wristbands (VIP ID) should be green she thought? waste 15 min, finally get let up the escalators to the 6th floor. Movies were fine, a few good ones on, but no security in theaters or AMC staff, so drunk *** were coming in yelling and carrying on ruining the movies for everyone, Open bar was fine as far as I know as I only had 2 drinks the whole night as I was with my teenage daughter, wasn't there to get wasted, but because of all the NON VIP guests the bar was very busy and a long wait. Food was another story, the buffet was a joke, the line was long, I waited 1 hour, the line moved very slowly, food kept running out. And no wonder why, thanks to their pathetic organizing skills and lack of security most of the 6th exclusive VIP floor had MANY general admission people on it, yes eating our food! Not only did they eat our food,drank the alcohol & when it came closer to the time of the BEST view of the ball drop on the terrace which was only for 125 VIP GOLD ID guests, the GA mob basically stampeded, pushed through all the security and RAN onto the terrace knocking over some people, so these people paid $75 a ticket and got what I got! Throughout the night I spoke to and complained about several things to the EVENT MANAGER, who couldn't organize a Mc donalds kids birthday party, she was RUDE, RUDE and a ***, don't worry I told her what I think. I have rang this company, I even went to their head office on 39th street, sent emails, couldn't get any response. After getting back home to OZ I have been researching and got hold of the CEO's email address as well as his wife and the pathetic excuse for a event manager, IF I could post these emails on here for everyone to read I would, they are shocking, basically calling me a liar, all the things I complained about apparently did not happen. Well I want a FULL refund and even if I don't get my money back, they are going to pay some how, this is the principle of the matter! Especially after reading all these complaints which they have been getting away with for years, its not fair! They are millionaires, ripping people off from all over the world, how can they be in business legally? I want some action against them! I purchased 2 tickets at $550.00 each-"Best View of The Ball Drop Live" VIP Access 21+ x 1"Best View of the Ball Drop Live" VIP Access Under 21 x1This is the link I saved from when booking my tickets Here is their false and misleading advertising, I purchased these tickets thinking I would be on an exclusive floor, monitored by security so my under age daughter and I would be safe and have an enjoyable experience.What is a VIP Access ticket? At many nightlife events, the VIP areas are exclusive and will be monitored by security staff to prevent non-VIP ticket holders from accessing these areas. Ticket holders who purchase a VIP Access ticket (when offered) will receive a wristband that will permit them entrance and access to these VIP areas. They will be able to use the VIP areas, such as a VIP open bar or a special mezzanine, but will not be entitled to VIP seating.
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I am going to sue them. I had the same experience at the 2014 party and paid $750 a ticket.


Joonbug and ticketcrave is the worst company. Charged me and all of my friends two times for one ticket and all the bars had no idea wtf we were talking about wen we went to register for the would-be bar crawl in philadelphia.

You guys are ***. If your a joonbug employe then you are a scoundrel and should immediatly hang yourself for cheating people


You got what you paid for so tough cookies, 1000 is cheap for a New Years Party. What do you think this is free we have to pay for food and drinks. No refunds!

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mature reply.. speaks volumes of the incompetent joonbug employees..morons.

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map-marker Weehawken Township, New Jersey

Bartender Add

Someone by the name of Valerie who works for Joonbug contacted me to come in for an interview 2 days prior to the actual interview and I was siked! When i got there not only was the room filled like what looked like the local Welfare Office Crowd waiting for a GROUP INTERVIEW- i was told they'd hired all their staff already & that a personal email was sent to me. Of course i never did receive that nonexistant email. I live in jersey and went all the way there for nothing.! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TAKE THIS COMPANY SERIOUSLY.!!!! Very unprofessional, ghetto & extremely unorganized. Valerie was able to call for a fake interview but not able to call and tell me the position had already been filled. Also- they ask for ur bank account info- definately not the type of people u could trust with that info what so ever, as ur personal info will indefinately get lost or end up in the absolute WRONG hands.!
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map-marker London, England


I wish i didnt have to rate ONE star. I travelled from the UK to New York for my first time and booked tickets through (paid $320) for an 'ALL INCLUSIVE BAR' well after being the polite english girl i am i queued for 2 hours for a drink that was never served, there was no organisation NOTHING. It ruined a trip id spent thousands on, i have emailed and called for my money back or some sort of compensation and got no reply. The new years eve event was at district 36, i paid $320 plus coat check to stand in a line for 2 hours, i then left. Absolute ***.
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map-marker Iselin, New Jersey

Joonbug Scams Customers

Joonbug hosted a Halloween party called "Horror on the Hudson" on Pier 92. They sold tickets online in advance and oversold the tickets. On the day of the party, ticket-holders were denied entry. I arrived a little past midnight, but others have stated that they were denied entry as early as 11pm. stopped admitting people by 12:30am when it was advertised from 9pm - 4am. I had friends that actually managed to make it inside and they said they had to wait for a long time on line and when they got in, there was a lot of confusion over seating. The party officially shut down around 3am even though it was advertised from 9pm-4am. On Joonbug's Contact Info page, when you click on the link for refund information, you receive the following: "Page Not Found. Sorry, the page you requested is no longer in service." I have submitted several emails and have called the office but no one even picked up (it is impossible to believe that the office would be shut on a Monday morning - they are probably avoiding the hundreds of angry phone calls they are receiving. Based on other reviews posted online, Joonbug has a history of overbooking parties and refusing refunds. They also have an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. Joonbug is a huge ripoff, save your time, save your money, save your sanity and party with someone else.
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Do not belive nobody. Build your own joonbag. Do not ask for refund just cancel it thru your bank.


Joonbug and john gabel and his wife are scam artists and I know for a fact are involved with human trafficking, they have willingly allowed kids to be kidnapped and sold into the sex trade. these people are the lowest form of sum on earth. stay far far away from john gabel and joonbug crave productions or whatever new name they chabge to

John if you are reading this or your lawyer is reading it to you while you rot in a jail cell find GOD John


I began working for joonbug in 2012 and have since quit. At first I would work off and on(not like they really have many assignments for you anyways, most are on NYE, St. Patty's Day, etc) . My photography manager whom I'll call R never got alot of the facts straight when it came to the assigning places here in Philly, and sometimes when I would arrive at certain spots the club owners had absolutely NO idea I was coming but would let me in anyways.

Long story short when it came time for me to get paid for assignments, I had to basically ASK for my check and for some reason R would NEVER remember my address!!! :roll This would be every time I had an assignment and had to get paid. How the *** don't you remember employees addresses and they are working for you...That info is supossed to always be on file if you are a real employer, smdh.

Several times I had to jack of R either over photos, or my paycheck. They are definately shady as all ***. Don't *** with them. If you are a photographer my advice is to start your own event photography blog/gig and go to some real parties/events and not the *** place Joonbug will send you 8)


Jon Gabel from Joonbug is broke, bankrupt and being brought up on drug and prostitution charges. He owes a lot of people money and can't afford to pay them.

And to make matters worse he did not pay his staff and fired the majority of his team. What a ***.

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How do you know Jon gabel is being brought up with drug and prostitution charges??


Joonbug interview

So I applied Joonbug's PR/Even manager position early this month. Before I went there, i read some reviews about how their interviews conducted. The person wrote online that Joonbug cancelled her appointment last minutes' twice already. He/she will never trust them.

I was

So on the day of interview, there are around 8-10 people in total waiting for the group interview during that time slot. some of them suited up, some of them(like me) wore semi-formal shirt.(by the way, you don't need to wait for their interview reply emails, you can choose the time to go in for the interview right after you finish your online application.)

and we waited almost half hour, R (since she's no longer in Joonbug, i will not say her name) came out and apologized for the waiting, and she broke the group into 3 small groups. When I entered her office, she basically told us that people at Joonbug are very nice, the job is easy, but not just hang-out in the bar/clubs, you actually get office work done too, and you will get a lot of opportunities to meet people.....all good things about Joonbug. and she's looking for someone replace her, since she's leaving shortly.

when she said if you are looking for a 9-5 regular working hour job, this is definitely not for you. Two interviewees directly walked out of the door before the individual interviews. well, understandable, it's a lifestyle preference. she also told us that there will be a short individual interview after the group interview and a second interview later during their promoted events. She wants to know how well we handle the situation in real life.

Then when we started our individual interviews with R in her world-smallest office, she basically just asked" tell me about yourself", "why you interested in this job", "why should I hire you" and she assigned me to one of the event at L (midtown club, changed their name before) on Saturday night. and she said she will email me with all the info.

So I thought, cool, this should be 1) good bar/club 2) show my character and organizing skills. BTW, in order to give me more time to prepare, i chose the one in two weekends instead of during the following weekend.

Thanks god, i shared my email address with other interviewees in case we need to contact each other.

First week, no emails, so do other 5-6 interviewees.

Second week, Monday, Tuesday no emails.

Wednesday, I called, emails, they finally send to me with info. information made me mad i highlighted in blue:


It was nice meeting you. I am emailing just to confirm the second part of your interview.

Your party this is scheduled for Saturday, JXX XXth at Lxxxx. Please send me a confirmation email that you have received the information & have read through it. If you do not wish to continue please let us know as soon as possible, so we can update your booking accordingly. Please remember this is a business, so communicating with us through this process is a must! Please contact me anytime with any questions. Your party information is below.

What you need to do:

Your job in this process is to set up a party/guest list for you and your friends. Use tools that will help you spread the word and make your party great (ie. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, email, texts, etc.). I assume you like going out since you applied for this job, and this party planning should be fun!

**IMPORTANT: I will need you to submit a guest list the day before your party with the names of your guests. Just keep track of who RSVP’s to you. THE LIST OF NAMES WILL NOT BE AT THE DOOR THE NIGHT OF THE EVENT, everyone has to say they are on YOUR guestlist. We use this list to determine the turnout we should expect for your party only.





Door Info:

The guest list will be under your name ONLY at the door. Everyone must say they are on your guest list so that you receive proper credit. If you have someone that would like to schedule an additional list or party (bday, etc.) that is totally fine. You must schedule with me prior so I know what to count for you. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about bottle service, party packages, and/or open bar packages.

The door opens at 10:30pm. You can arrive whenever you want. Once you arrive your job is basically done, go inside & have fun with your friends! We will handle the guest list and the door for you. I will let you know the week of the party who you need to check in with when you arrive, as it changes on some weekends.

IMPORTANT: COVER INFORMATION – Entry is FREE until Midnight. After 12am admission is $10 reduced for ladies & $20 for gentlemen. Guests arriving after 1am are at doorman’s discretion on entry price.

Dress Code:

There is a semi-strict dress code.





flip flops

oversized clothing

Dress to impress is the standard.

The door can be strict. Being on the guest list does not guarantee admission. Entry is at doorman’s discretion always! Please be polite to the doorman and the staff, we have had issues in the past and would like to avoid those as much as possible. You are representing our company so we expect you to be as professional as possible.

Additional Information:

If your parties need table reservations or other special arrangements please contact me as soon as possible so we can assure you are taken care of.

Feel free to contact me anytime, regardless how small the question may seem. This is how I know you are actively participating in the process. Email is always the best way to reach me.

Through this process you will either discover you were born for this position, you absolutely ate it, or this position isn’t for you but you would like to run a guest list in the future. Either way, all of my contact information is below, and I am looking forward to your party!

Thursday, i found out that club has a lot of bad reviews.

Friday, call the office, transferred me to someone else's voice mails, no replied emails. This made me feel they hired someone already!

(I suppose to know who am i checked in with or will my name be at the front door, but body contacted me)

Finally, I didn't bring my friends there.

1) It's serious, I highly doubt if they are just using this interview opportunities to have more people to promote their sponsored event for free.

2) I respect the way they interview, but if you just wanna people to bring as many people as they can, why don't you hire promoters directly. BTW, I know promoters get paid too, and we don't. If you really wanna to test out our skills, why there's no operation part or scheduling part or any other part that other than promoting part that we can participate.

3) after adressing the dress-code in the email, they still said No guarantee at the front door. That means I am sending out an invitation saying"Hi guys, wanna come for the event that i organize, oh, by the way, you might not get in, but you are more than welcome to show at the door and waiting for us finish if you want."

4) No communication between interviewers and interviewees when i sent out specific questions either through emails or voice messages. Well, I guess the interview review i saw was throughly right.

Conclusion: Interviewees desirve respect and don't take advantage of us, because we are looking for a job!!!


I worked with this company as a photographer and this place is a scam they scam customers and they scam employees. Jon Gabel is the owner and he is a sleaze ball with a criminal record a mile long.

"no organization, no human resources, no one seems to know what is going on... ever. The office is not united- some people barely know if others work there or not- very strange and so are the owners. They place ads for event managers every week and have multiple interviews every week.

These poor people thought they would be hired for full time positions. They have the people go out to nightclubs and bring their friends or other people out, and many times will not reimburse them or pay them as promised. Also, about 80% of the people that you may see working there- are all INTERNS (working for free) It's a major scam!!! Biggest show of smoke and mirrors I've ever experienced."

Jon Gabel JoonBug CEO Arrested on Drug Charges

A six week New York City Police Department narcotics undercover investigation ended Wednesday night with the arrest of four people and the recovery of a variety of drugs and cash.

Sgt. Keith ***, NYC Police Department Narcotics Division, said Jon Gabel, Rodney Forbes, Timothy Douglas were taken into custody without incident, when narcotics officers and NYC SWAT members served a search warrant on the offices of Joonbug headquarters in NYC.

Gabel, faces charges of maintaining a place for keeping, selling controlled dangerous substance, unlawful possession of CDS - methamphetamine, and unlawful possession of CDS - xanax. All three charges carry after former conviction penalty enhancements. Gabel was released from jail on a medical personal recognizance bond following his court appearance.

If you applied for a job for this place run away as fast as you can. Anyone who still works there are pretty much the lowest *** on earth.

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Where is the article on Jon Gabel's drug arrest? I can't seem to find anything, anywhere.

Do you have a link to where you got that info?

Joonbug is a horribly corrupt company. I can't believe they haven't been shut down!


For three years I sold tickets for them on a consignment basis. They did not pay me for the sales I made and always changed the topic or acted sheepish and confused when I confronted them about it. Avoid them at ALL COSTS as a buyer and seller.

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this place is a mess between the owner and his wife I dont know who is more crazy this place needs to be shut down they are a slave camp for kids out of college who dont know better and quit in 30 days or less

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