Jollibee Chicken Joy Chicken Reviews

One thing particular instance was when I noticed the crew was so in a hurry to clear the *** that he purposefully pack my order even without the gravy. I really had to open the box of the Chicken Joy and he was ashamed of himself. He went to the kitchen and got the gravy, but god-knows-what-he-did back there, I never touched that gravy. I've seen what these people can do when we can't see how our food is prepared. Never coming back here ever....
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I didn't like
  • Very poor customer service
  • Poor customer service
I was at jollibee this evening my husband ordered a TLC meal at I ordered the Chicken joy meal. My husband told the cashier that we would specifically want a breast part because it was what I could only eat as prescribed by my doctor. The cashier asked us if we are willing to wait for 18 minutes and we said yes. Time passed all the chicken joy orders were brought out and served. I asked the waiter if our order is already there? I saw her went...
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