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Stryker - Knee replacement

Stryker - Total Knee Replacement disgust

Stryker - Knee replacement - defective system or lousy doctor?

Stryker total knee

Bad experience with Stryker get around knee replacements

Patty Nottingham

I have had 2 knee replacements, right and left. The first was done in March 2015, the other April 2016. It appears that both are rather "loose" and making popping type noises....

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Looseness and pain of my replacement Stryker Get Around Knee Implants

Stryker - Knee Cap plastic liner DISSOLVES!!!!

Stryker - Bad Encore 3Dknee implant

Sandra witt

I agree I am in so much pain and trying to not get depressed or anxious I'm gonna fall again

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