map-marker Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Nothing happened hes a great landlord!

I found steve to be a great landlord. He was nothing but helpful and kind. I had just moved to his state and i was staying in a *** hotel and steve opened his doors to me. For that i am forever grateful. It meant alot to have someone help me out when i was in a rough patch. I have nothing but good things to say about him. When ever i had an issue the issue was handled just how it should have been. I hope to rent from him again in the future. Thanks a million steve. Sincerely, Kyle k.
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Serigne Jpr
map-marker Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Johnson Estates - Sioux Falls, SD

JOHNSON ESTATES;SIOUX FALLS, SD: DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS MOBILE HOME COURT!! They have been raising property rent twice a year now for the past few years and it is now approximately $55-$60 over the average rent of other parks in Sioux Falls. Single wide is $326 and double wide is $336. By this time next year the rent will probably be $346 and $356, maybe more. The mobile homes are so close to each other you barely have a yard anyway so it's not worth the extra rent money! In addition to that, this year (2012) they have come up with an absolutely crazy list of rules that would only apply to apartments. Such as: Residents will now be charged $15 per pet. Any additional adults are $30.00 per month. Additional couples are $50.00 per month. Crazy!! To top it off, they are harassing people (have been for some time). This morning I found a note on my door telling me to cut my grass or they will charge me $50.00 and have someone do it for me. I just mowed my lawn a little over a week ago! The grass is not very tall at all! Needless to say I will be FILING A COMPLAINT ABOUT JOHNSON ESTATES REGARDING HARASSMENT AND THIS NEW 'OCCUPANCY RATE'. (I definitely plan on moving in the next few months-right along with a few other residents)
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The owner of the trailer court is the worst guy to deal with ever. I can say he is truly the biggest *** i have ever met.

This court is nice and quiet for the most part but expensive and the landlord is the one raising it. You dont feel like you own your place at all and they constantly look for reasons to leave you little messages and warnings or else.

Steve painter the owner is a slumlord and owns a couple or a few run down parks in sioux falls and loves to exploit poor people out of there property by whatever frivolous means necessary. AVOID THIS GUY AND HIS SLUMS!!!!!!


They also have a scary dude living there. Wes Kari parades around in womans underwear and fake ***!


They do not have the highest rates in town like most would say. The land owners have been nothing but good to me.

The property tax is going up state wide like the rest of te parks in Sioux Falls. Do your research before you complain.

Apt rent has went up dramatically all through out Sioux Falls. Great park to live in and it's close to the bike trails.


im a coowner of a trailer here and he filed a no tresspass against me and will not allow me back into my own home but if the utilities get shut of he has a right to take my home ....r u serious


Ya he's a cheap *** loser. Always promises things but never does them.

He's the worst landlord I've had by far. He won't be able to keep the parks much longer


I lived there for a short time. Owner/manager was an *** Lied straight to my face about the title on my trailer.

He just wants everyone to move out so he can sell the property (right next to the Interstate) at a premium! :sigh


First of all I would like to comment on the extra charges for various things in which they think is concidered reasonable. $15 per pet: really?

I could see if they was renting the trailor from the trailor court owners/manager. To my understanding, from what I have read, is that they are just renting the piece of dirt in which THEIR trailor is on. Right? So why should there be a charge for them having, lets say a cat, that never goes outside at all?

Its in THEIR trailor...right? Moving on to the $30 charge for additional adults. So lets say a person with a set of triplets has been living there ever since her babies was born. When her babies turn 18 there will be an additional $90 extra a month put on her lot rent.

18 years old is considered adult right? Should she kick them all out because she cant afford the $90 extra a month because shes working two jobs to keep afloat. Their adults right? So that would be an extra $90 bucks a month.

I dont think that is right. Or lets say a person decides to get married. Is that an extra $30 a month just because they got married and moved their spouse into THEIR trailor? As far as the grass business goes, everyone needs to keep a well manicured lawn, but should it have to be the length that the manager wants or they are going to be charged $50 extra a month?

I will make sure I stay well away from that trailor court when looking for a place to live. I dont think I would be able to afford it when my babies turn 18 anyway.

Good luck to everyone. Hope it all works out


Obviously your the manager who is a piece of ***. And the reason why your rent prices are going up is because people are moving out so you have to make up for it by charging *** fees.

Why are people moving? Because you're a piece of *** harasser. True story if you're looking on the Internet and replying to this post so quick. Scared somebody's posting something true?

And what about the guy that pulled his trailer out of your park in the middle of the night? Yeah he was fed up with your *** too. We are all fed up with your ***.

Oh, and fix the *** pothole that's been sitting there for two weeks ya douchbag. And ya-I took a picture of that too.

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