Kamryn Jum
map-marker Heath, Ohio

Asked for a car with no hail damage, got one anyway

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"Every car on John Hinderers lot has hail damage" and they will sell it to you without disclosing it or fixing it. If anyone bought a car in July 2017 they had better check it over because that is what Mr Hinderer told me directly. They will lead you to believe that there are hail damaged cars and ones that are not. We opted for a non damaged car and still got one. I'm sure its not legal dealer to sell a car and not disclose damage on it and collect insurance from the damage and sell it without fixing it. My 18 year old daughter bought a brand new civic from John Hinderer on 7/18/17. We got a quote from Honda Marysville for $19,100 for an EX trim level and every dealership in central Ohio matched that price including John Hinderer, we chose them because of the location. Dustin Boucher and Jordan Smith were our salesmen and they failed to disclose that the car they were selling had hail damage. It wasn't until after the sale that I noticed a spot on the roof and trunk that I was concerned about and immediately Dustins demeanor changed and he seemed annoyed. He said it was a black car and it shows everything and I should have bought the paint warranty. I insisted that its not tree sap or bird droppings so he pulled the car away as I was still looking at it. When he returned he said the body shop was closed and to bring it back and make sure those are the only spots I see because once I drive off its not their problem. My daughter brought the car back and the body shop receptionist asked if she was there to fix all of the hail damage. My daughter was obviously confused and learned that her car was part of an insurance claim and they even had parts to fix things that we didn't see before and was told that they sold the car without fixing it. They had no intention of telling us that the car was hail damaged or fixing it and went as far to say it was something else when they knew exactly what it was. If we would have hopped in the car without looking it over then they never would have said a word. Every person that we dealt with lied repeatedly and even tried to change the story that it was just glue. The sales manager Jerry said it was a "miscommunication" that we weren't told but that we got the hail damage price even though I have text messages negotiating the price and there was never a word about hail damage and thought that 4 free oil changes was good enough for our troubles. They aren't smart enough to realize that a lot of the negotiations were done by text and I have the text that says that the salesman was unaware of any hail damage on the car that I sent after hearing it from the body shop. Mr. Hinderer told me every car on the lot was damaged and every salesman knew and they all were on sale and there were signs. That's a lie, they offered damaged or not damage. Justin Hinderer that told me to return the car he would refund the down payment and we could be on our way and get a car elsewhere because we got a "smoking "deal. He said he could take that car back and sell it like nothing ever happened after telling me he couldn't make it right because there isn't a dealer that would trade his "fixed" hail damaged cars for a car without damage like we paid for. So in one sentence he says the car is good as new and in the very next says actually its not because no one wants a car that has been fixed. He said in three weeks no one else has had a problem with the car that they got which makes me wonder how many people didn't know they were buying a hail damaged car. Mr Hinderer told me that every car on his lot has some degree of damage so if you still decide to buy from them you better go over that car with a magnifying glass. Today we are returning the car, at this point it isn't about the car its about a few money hungry men that don't mind selling a damaged car to a young girl just starting out in life. I called Lindsey Honda at 8:45 last night and they already have a car with all of the same terms waiting for us and they were eager to make this right for us. John Hinderer Honda is more concerned with selling a car than being good, honest people. We never would have bought a hail damaged car for the same price as every other dealer and they knew it so they tried to cover it up and lie to get the sale. So to sum it up they have no integrity and they will not do anything to fix their mistakes and they have no problem taking thousands of dollars from a young girl that saved for 2 years and giving her a damaged product. My suggestion is to get an online price quote from Honda Marysville and have any dealer other than John Hinderer match it. Buy a car from someone that values being a good person over making a quick buck. If you bought a car with hail damage and they didn't disclose or fix it I would suggest filing a formal complaint online with the attorney general of ohio and with the better business bureau and dept. of insur. In my experience you won't find a single person with integrity at John Hinderer.
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: All of the people that I dealt with to be a good, honest person with morals

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I bought a 2015 crv in january 2018 with 38,000 miles and did not notice damage to the rear hatch under center brake ligjt. Only noticed a few days layer when my wife pointed it out to me.

This damage was not disclosed to us at the sale.

They even tried to blame us for the damage. Now have to find a body shop to fix this .

map-marker Cleveland, Ohio

John Hinderer Honda - Used Motorcycle Review from Cleveland, Ohio

Found a used motorcycle I liked and the customer service was "fine" until they ran my credit and found mine was low. We sat there 5 hours waiting for them to give us an answer. We got absolutely nothing from them for 5 hours. We finally left without an answer. 2 days later we went to our bank and was approved in less than 15 minutes. We went back and the first words we heard was "we're still waiting on an answer from the bank". We traded in our old bike and was offered book value at first. After inspection we were told our bike was basically junk and they would have to drop the price 2000 lower than book. Then they'll make you think they're doing you a favor by saying but I'm going to only drop it 1000 cause I like you. The biggest problem with John Hinderer Honda we've seen was the customer service. The GM of the power store needs to be gone. The sales team was ok less the customer service but it was apparent they couldn't do their jobs without asking daddy. The finance guy was very nice and helpful. He didn't treat us like we were below anyone else who bought a bike. Long story short, customer service was bad, would never buy from them again (told them that on our way out of the door) wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Drive a little further to Mid Ohio Mt Vernon and you'll receive great customer service and in 5 hours you will be filling up with gas for the second time.
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Sorry to hear about the frustrating wait for finance to approve your purchase at the dealership. I can't think of a reason why they would "game" you on this.

There was probably something going on with the computer system back at corporate that was delaying the processing, unless there was user error entering the request for quote. Who knows but I can guarantee you, the sales person wants to gets the financing/qualifying part of the deal done as FAST as possible to close the sale. Their worst nightmare is what happened with you, the possibility of losing a sale due to system issues. At any second, they may have heard back from finance with a decision and I'm sure he did not want you to leave the store in case that happened right after you left for lunch or dinner and then you had time to think about the whole thing and maybe change your mind.

You will almost ALWAYS do better on loan terms with your local bank or especially your Credit Union.

When you use financing by the dealer, they focus you on monthly payment and then work on extending the loan period which ultimately makes them more money and costs you a lot more money. It's best to know exactly what you can spend and borrow before going into the dealership where you will be influenced by the environment, excitement of the product and skilled sales people to do things you would not have done if you'd had a plan before hand and stuck with it. There is a cost of borrowing money.

Your bank will be happy to share that with you, the dealer, maybe not so much. Knowledge is Power.

map-marker Dayton, Ohio


So I get a call from John Hinderer Honda asking me if I'd be willing to trade in my 2011 Crosstour because a customer apparently wanted a used one (BS lie #1). I tell the guy I want to negotiate a "what's in it for me" type of deal before I took the 45 minute drive... yadda yadda. Well, I get there and I get hosed and I mean big time. I was so pissed. I was told the " new guy " was just learning all of whatever the *** he has to learn. No customer service at all. He left me sitting there for an hour without so much as a word. Then he seriously *** me off with is what anyone would consider a pos deall. I will never, EVER utilize this dealer again. I hope this helps you all in Central Ohio. Stay away from them.
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It is true that sales managers look for any way they can to get a customer back in the store to sell him more stuff. They frequently put a lot of pressure on their sales people to make these kinds of calls daily.

Sometimes this actually benefits the customer if the customer get's educated during that re-visit in something they did not formally know about, sees the value in it, and then wishes to take advantage of the features and benefits of that product that their original purchase did not have. If getting you to come in and trade so that you have newer model or new features is not something that you value, then you will be disappointed with your experience and the dealer, sales person, etc... because they really are looking to sell YOU a new vehicle, regardless of what you are currently driving. In 99% of the cases, they do not have a specific customer looking for a used vehicle that is exactly like yours.

Definitely a frustrating lesson to learn. If it's too good to be true...


I worked there for 2 months... You are correct when you call BS.

They tell us to "just get you there" so the "new guy" BS gets used often. However, the guy probably was new because they cannot keep employees. Like I said, I was there 2 months, and went through 3 general managers...

My reason for not being there.... I can sell things just fine by being honest with my customers; I refused to lie to everyone like I was being ordered to do.

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map-marker Columbus, Ohio

How to get Screwed

Buyer beware - these people will lie to you, promise things they do not deliver and will not homor a singel thing they tell you. I will not purchase anther car from them nor will I go back there for service on my car. This was our third car purchase from them. We have had nothing by problems with them since. Maybe because this one was a used car and not a new one??. First they said that they couldn't give me a loan for the car because of my credit - I took the car to our bank to find out that I couldn't get a loan for the car because they were ASKING MORE FOR IT THAN WHAT IT WAS WORTH - there was nothing wrong with our credit. When I came back from the bank and gave them THAT information they were more willing to negotiate a better price until I got in the office to sign the loan documents. The loan agent kept trying to add items into the loan that I didn't want. When I got upset and left, the owner, Mr. Hinderer, came out to our car and asked me to come back into his office and he would have the loan officer finish the loan with the agreed to terms and he would throw in "free tires for life" (BIG MISTATE - I SHOULD HAVE DROVE OFF AS FAST AS I COULD). Since then, I took the car in for things that should be fixed under the certified car warranty and was always told that the items were not covered. I also took the car in for service everytime it needed service. WELL TODAY when I took the car in for my "free tires for life" I was told I didn't have the tires rotate two of the times it was brought in so I am no longer in their "free tires for life" program. OH, BY THE WAY, I WAITED TWO HOURS FOR THEM TO DECIDE THEY WERE NOT GOING TO REPLACE MY TIRES AND THEN WAITED OVER 35 MINUTES FOR THEM TO COME PICK ME UP SO I COULD GET MY CAR BACK. I ALSO MAKE THE APPOINTMENT TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE - SO WHY DID THEY HAD ME DRIVE OVER 1 HOUR TO THEIR STORE TO BE TOLD THEY WERE NOT GOING TO HONOR THEIR PROMISE. I feel they should have been doing what services were required when I brought the car in or at least telling me it needed to be done. I also feel Mr. Hinderer or anyone else should have disclose to me that I had to have the tires rotated after every 5000 miles OR IS IT 6000 MILES - because I was given a different amount today - ONE BY THE OWNER AND THE OTHER AMOUNT BY THE SERVICE MANAGER. I was also shown a form that I was attached to the "free tires for life" form that signed. THIS FORM WAS NEVER GIVEN TO ME - I WAS NEVER INFORMED THAT I NEEDED TO HAVE THE TIRES ROTATES EVERY 6000 MILES. There you go - I feel I have been totally screwed by them
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Similar problem here. My car's steering wheel was vibrating and how much depended on how fast I was going.

I took it in yesterday and was, after 7 hours of waiting, told that one of the new tires they put on just last year, (that I didn't want because you only get about 20,000 miles out of them but that they insisted had to be installed because they fell into the "free tires for life" program) was defective. Then I was told that this program, which was a major selling point for me, doesn't cover

defective tires, only worn tires.

I was never told that and I was never told that I had to have the tires rotated every 6 thousand miles, which could have easily been done when I was in for my 5000 mile oil changes. I agree, they use deceptive practices which are no only sanctioned by John Hinderer but encouraged.

map-marker Columbus, Ohio

How John Hinderer treats customers Heath Ohio

Visit to John Hinderer Honda On December 20 and 21;Heath, Ohio Dec: 20 Spent over 5 hours shopping and talking about buying a new Honda Civic lx MSRP $18,195.00Hinderer claimed payments would be $440.00 month.We needed payments lower. They said the payments for 72 months on the price plus tax,etc. Would be not be lower and they could not sell us a new car.When asked for an answer Hinderer could not supply any answers. They could not and did not know the price we were actually buying the car for nor could they tell us how they arrived at the monthly figures they were coming up with.They were closing and asked us to leave and come back next day to buy a used car that is 2 years old for the $325.00 month for 72 months.I was already approved though Capital one for a car loan. I asked Capital one what the payments will be. Response was $330.00 month. Dec 21 Did some research and got a quote from Rousch Honda for $16,900 with a monthly payment for around $320 month.I went in to Hinderer and asked to talk to the new car sales manager (Patrick H.) I ask him why the F@#$ I could not buy a car the night before after 5 hours at the dealership for a monthly payment even anywhere close to what it is supposed to be.He yelled at me that if I used any language like that again "He would throw my *** out of the store". I apologized by saying I was sorry and I should not have said that word.He yelled in my face not to be sorry just don't do it. I said ok. I gave him the quote I got from Rausch Honda and again asked why I could not get a fair price from the salesman. He said that the sales processes are different. I repeated "The processes are Different ". He yelled at me and got less than 4 inches from my face yelling for me to get my *** out of the store before I am thrown out for being condescending. I got up out of my chair and told him to hold on that I was leaving. He blocked my way yelling at me to get my *** out of the store. I kept walking towards the door. He told me he never wanted to see me again. I told him to calm down and I was leaving and that I was disabled. He told me that "I would be more disabled if he ever saw me again". He also said that me and the 3 gentleman that were with me that we were "banned from that dealership forever and if we ever came back we would be physically thrown out. I turned and looked and all the salesmen who had gathered around and had to leave as I was starting to have a panic attack. I have a medical conditional that bothers me at times. I have lots of witnesses to this. The problems I have with this are many but mainly. 1. I was physically threatened just trying to buy a new car.2. I was very scared more than once that he was going to hit me.3. For some strange reason the price they are quoting me is so much higher than what they charge anyone else it seems to indicate some sort of prejudice for the young person I am consigning for or me as an older disabled retired person.4. When I calculated the payments I found out that either they were trying to charge me around 21% interest or charging $8,000 more more the car than the price they had on it. PS: This all took place in the middle of the showroom. 
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Hinderer's are all liars.. his kids are no better. They will screw over anybody for any reason.


Justin and Pat are both gone.







The problem with car sales business is that it is not regulated enough. A simple law making car prices a standard non negotiable percentage based on actual cost figures determined by the manufacturer would eliminate these kinds of problems over night.

This was attempted at one time and simply ended up starting the fake invoice sheet, that dealers not only show the customer but the sales people as well, as their actual coat of doing business. Dealers, salesmen, and innocent customers have been killed over these kinds of problems. Everyone thinks they are getting ripped off. The customer, the salesman, and now with all the dealers scrambling to maintain a piece of a dwindling marketshare, the dealers are getting ruthless and distrustful as well.

It has to stop somewhere, and it will. After somebody walks into a full dealer on a Saturday afternoon and goes postal.

But I guess that's our nature. We don't fix a problem until it's too late.


Rumors has it Justin Hinderer is no longer with Honda in Heath Ohio. That could be a good thing for John Hinderer.

Now maybe they will start treating people good again. We have bought several cars from John over the years until his son Justin became the Manager, then we had a hard time dealing with them.

We heard he runs the Toy Barn in Dublin Ohio now. Hope the Kid doesnt Destroy that place too!!!


that hinderer boy has screwed his fathers buisness


i recently bought a car from them and had nothing but problems since. about ten days after buying the car i ended up in the hospital for a couple of days.

appartently the dealership had a question regarding financing. when i got out of the hospital the bank had also called with the same question, so I immediately called the bank back. when i checked my voicemail the finance mgr from the dealership had left me a msg stating that I was avoiding him and that he was going to report the car stolen! which actually made me laugh since I had put money down and had the same paperwork that he had, but also really angered me.

I just got my title- it's been 6 wks- had to put another temp tag on, which was $20. And yesterday received a letter from them saying they charged me the wrong tax( a .5% difference) and want me to send them another $120.00 they apparantely think that bullying and lieing is a the way to do business.


I just went to the atv sales of Hinderer power sports and looked at buying 2 honda 250 recons for 165.00 a month for 36 months for both of them. They ran the scam of the ones they showed me were not the ones on sale and before it was all over the payment went to 240 a month for a cheaper atv. Crooks they thought they had a sucker but all i did was take my money elesewere


The Service Dept has the same attitude as the Sales Dept. We need them more than they need us.

Just go elsewhere. Possibly have changed Sales Manager by now.


We were treated horribly also one or two years back. Salesman was very nice and very knowledgeable,he had the car sold, just weren't ready that night.(several days later we would have been back).

Then the salesmanager came out and made an *** of himself and was very rude and pushy.

he lost the sale for that salesman. we said we would never go back.

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Annalyse Ujd
map-marker Herndon, Virginia

John Hinderer Honda Ohio blatenly lied

I bought a used 2003 honda civic as is, no warranty. Ok, that's out of the way. I signed teh paperwork on a Wed or Thur evening, to return teh following day to give them the payment. Within 9 hours the check engine light had come on, before I could even make it there to pay them. They had thier service tech check teh light. He said I must have ran thru a puddle (it was raining that morning) and it set off the code. He cleared teh code and assured me there was no problem. The check engine light came on again, within 10 hours of me leaving. This is twice in teh first 4 day and a half. This time they assured me they would take care of everything in diagnosing and repairing the check engine light. I even got this in writing 2 different times. A week later, Friady the 13th no less, they called me and told me they would be willing to split the cost with me. Turns out teh car needs a new engine. It has 114k miles on it. They went against thier own written word and are not willing to do what they told me. Thier service manager, who authorized the repairs in the first place told me he "did not recall our conversation" and when I asked him if he was willing to tell me straight up that John Hinderer Honda was going against thier word, his response was "allegdly that was the case". I refused to pay for the repairs and they told me the car would be ready for pick up early the following week. I asked what repairs would be made and he told me they would put it back together and I could pick it up. They are and were willing to put me in a damaged vehicle that was damaged when I bought it. John Hinderer Honda lied directly to me. I have to meet with them to pick up the car. I'll post if anything changes so this report stays factual.
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Sounds like you drove through some water at some point and DAMAGED the internal parts of the engine... then the check engine light comes on....

and you want to have HINDERER repair the car on their dime.... LOL I think you should jump at the opportunity for them to SPLIT the repairs on a car that you admit you bought AS IS with NO WARRANTY...

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