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As a former employee i can vouch for the "scam" claims they are very true. They are very sneaky and the company is beyond janky. We never recieve our commissions or bonuses. Customer service and the human resources team is UNPROFESSIONAL. Enroll At Your Own Risk Read more

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I paid for both my daughters to attend thime classes. Constantly gave monet thrn they received a supposedly diploma tgen comoany tells ud they are closing we needing to contact another school to finish their classes and to get in touch wirh agents. . Have no numbers to find out about all my that was taken. Plus we traveled over 3 hours on weekends just to get there..

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My experience at John Casablancas Denver MTM was not a good one. From my first experience, they were more condemned about getting the sell than selling the benefits of this program. Each week, they went over very basic discussions and obstructed very, very, very little. Each week, the "instructor" or "coach" spent 3/4 of the session telling war stories...Children were falling to sleep and very disengaged. The only thing that my child... Read more

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Their not one school that garente a job go to collage are you going to get a job because you have tired of complaints people *** you are paying them to teach you the skills to get accepted as a model stop *** most actors have worked their tails off I chose to pay to go to their school to learn theirs no garentee in life

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I never heard nothing bad about the company but people are saying a lot not so nice things! Read more

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You would not see 1000's of horrible complaints from every website i look at if this was a good school or if they landed you jobs...omg. ive never seen so many horrible storys about a company.... sounds like everyone needs to run away.... thank god i read all these reviews as we were thinking of signing up our two girls tonight.....very sad

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I paid over 2,000 dollars to send my neice to JC modeling school. She completed the courses and graduated two years ago and has not received her certificate yet! I have called there many times but, it appears that they change directors and staff frequently so, my messages never reach the right people. My niece is leaving for college and she would like to obtain proof of her hard work. I am so frustrated at this point. I am thinking of getting an... Read more

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I'm a poor high school student. I really wanted to do modeling to feel more confident about myself because I had a eating disorder last summer. I also wanted to do it to earn money for my parents. I Auditioned and got call back. He said they would love to have me and he said "are you ready to be rich and known?" I was real happy. They asked for money. I told them I only have 240 on me. He said 200 will work for now. I read reviews a few days... Read more

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They did the same thing to me . She called me on my phone and told me she had heard of me and wanted me to come in and audition for some commercials . That is an out and out lie. Once you get there it's just talk, talk and more talk. Where they then take you in the KA- CHING . That is when you find out that this was nothing about an audition , it was everything about just wanting you're money.

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All I have to say to this hilarious fictional website and its complainers: John Casablanca? John Casablancas. Period. You all could learn a thing or two from the classes, starting with the correct name.

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