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Terrible IT recruiter - uses you to train their employees - time waste

Jobspring and Workbridge are one and same. Both have the same MO, method of wasting your time as a job seeker. They claim they have a team of people with a few different jobs for you - they do not, they have maybe one immediate job, and it turns out it is not quite the job title you were asking about. They get you to come into the office for an hour and have a face to face meeting with the team. The highly inexperienced and unprofessional team members straight out of a frat house or a sorority, will say the same thing about that one job. They require you to TELL THEM EVERY COMPANY YOU APPLIED TO, including recruiter/interviewer contact details. SICK! Guess why, they have a free lead thanks to you. They use you, and get you to explain and train their newly employed staff about the various technologies for FREE, so they do not have to, because they do not know. Eventually they will say that they have this other job that is not quite what you are after, but it is close enough, so you should apply for it.
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Poor customer service

A total waste of time

98% of the recruiters in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area are worthless, and the ones at JobSpring are no exception. I've worked with them on two occasions: once in 2012, and again this year. I came in and met 4-5 recruiters and was told they had a lot of opportunities in my field, blah blah blah. In 2012, the recruiter I worked with was not only inept. I had a phone meeting scheduled once (on my birthday, no less) and the client never called me, so I went out of town with my family as we had planned. I tried to call my recruiter to tell him what happened but he didn't answer. He finally called me back 2 hours later and asked if I could do the phone interview right then, and I of course said no; I was in a loud restaurant, it was my birthday, and he should have called me back immediately instead of 2 hours later. He then got snippy and asked why I couldn't talk to the client for just a few minutes. I told him the client is welcome to try again any day the rest of that week. I never got a call back. That recruiter also never found me another opportunity again. Fast forward to 2013. An entirely new team is working there now, and once again I came in to meet all of the recruiters and hear about all of the (imaginary) jobs they had for me. The recruiter I worked with this this was actually really nice, if not a bit lazy. I sent him a job I thought I was a great fit for, and he eventually followed up with a contact he had there, but it turned out the position posted on their website was totally inaccurate, which was not JobSpring’s fault of course. But what made me angry was that I have not heard from this recruiter ever since. I called and sent multiple emails – nothing. So I emailed his boss directly (whom I had meet at the meeting), and she of course gave the usual “We have lots of jobs coming down the line, we’ll reach out to you soon.” Since then, nothing. As a last-ditch effort, I applied on the JobSpring website for a job that was definitely a good fit for me, and it was posted by one of the other recruiters that I had met. After about a week, I hadn’t heard anything back so I called her directly to find out what happened. It turned out that the client decided to hire someone internally. Why didn’t the recruiter tell me this? Because it was – this is a direct quote – “not a priority.” Wow. You would think I would have learned my lesson from last year, but I decided to give them another chance since I really needed a job. Never again.
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Jobspring tells lies and uses bully tactics

I applied for a job that I was qualified for. The recruiter told me he'd give me a list a of jobs for me to select from several times. This never happened, he instead used this broken promise as a way to get me to do what he wanted. I pointed out a major lie in the job posting I applied for (during an interview the recruiter verbally contradicted the written description) and after several months have passed they still have not fixed it . Therefore most likely all the jobs offered on the website are just made up and don't actually exist; so don't bother applying since you'll just waste your time. Before being allowed to interview with the employer I was given a test with a trick question on it, which has nothing to do with the real world (just shows incompetence or hostility on their part). The recruiters don't actually know what it takes to be a programmer and it shows. Don't use them, they used to be the boylston group and had to change their name for dishonest behavior like the above. The name changed but the reputation and practices have not. The company is rotten to the core since my attempts to correct their misdeeds were responded to by groupwide intimidation tactics.
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Yeah, they're a bunch of *** They even do mock interviews and even when the client likes you , they try to renegotiate the rate and then if you don't agree the will disappear. Probably tell the client some nasty things.

They're complete and utter phony and even setup mock interviews saying it's someone from client while some guys interview you from india. They've no ethics, especially in the San jose, silicon Valley area.

They also operate under the parent company name.


Jobspring, or rather their previous incarnation (MacArthur Partners or something), acually got me my previous job. Yes, I could have walked in, gave them my resume, and got the job, but I didn't know that opportunity existed. And being that it didn't cost me a penny, it was a positive experience... with one caveat... After I was hired, my boss told me they were a pain to deal with, and I was almost not hired because of it. My boss certainly won't use their services again.

I don't know if JobSpring is different now, but I did go back to them again after I was laid off. They did what I asked... my job preferences and such. I even got a couple of interviews. But ultimately nothing came of it and I found a job on my own.

So from the job seeker's perspective, I had no problems with them. But I don't know about how things are from the employer's side.

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I posted this on Yelp earlier today, but here's my response to that. As a hiring manager, Jobspring (who also does business under the name Workbridge Associates, and others) is absolutely blacklisted.

They're annoying as ***, they're deceptive, and I would never work with them.

Others at my company have reported similar experiences. Job applicants: this is not the kind of company you want representing you.


I know that test came from jobspring since for me to get access the recruiter told me he "had to check with his manager". And I told him directly in an email what I am saying here, nothing was done.

I sent a direct link to the recruiter for the faulty job ad (on jobspring's website not some third party job board) after we discussed it and nothing was done to correct the error.

Employers should use undercover candidates and see what they are paying for, once they do I think I will see a whole industry coming to a sudden and long overdue demise.



First off, we would like to apologize for your negative experience with one of our offices. Obviously is benefits our business to give a great experience to everyone that walks through our doors, and it seems like we may have dropped that ball with you. To address one of the issues, our company does not have tests we give to our candidates, however our clients sometimes give us tests to hand to our candidates for part of the process, so there's a good chance that test you took did not come from us, but one of our clients. Either way, we're not here to make excuses we just wanted to say we hear you, and we are truly sorry. If you would like to talk to our corporate Marketing Manager further about your experience please contact justin.miller@***.com

Thank You

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