jinnandtonics....now that's a fake one..."she" is a bad piece of work...Not only does she sell things that are from places like, Avon, J.C.Penny, and several other places, they are items that have been bought from flea markets, garage sales, and or a possible friend, whoever cleaning out their closets....There are books and web sites that will give a description of a ring, necklace, or any kind of item that fits what she has purchased, and she describes it as a metaphysical item. She has several "stores" on the web with different names and she uses one against the other....EVERY SINGLE PERSON, ON LINE STORES, AND READER NEEDS TO BE AWARE OF JINNANDTONICS. A store???? NO, a house...A "STAFF"...NO, just one girl. Read up, do your homework....I found the truth.............
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#547152 Review #547152 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Modesto, California

Jinnandonics - Vinyl Bracelet Review from Findlay, Ohio

Jinnandtonicis ..FALSE ADVERTISING ..black vinyl bracelet .."Myan collection -serpent dragon pendant.."myan. Collection - black shell bracelet and white shell bracelet..cowrie blessing-..African blood stone ...all skitters fairy...and votive candles.....all of these have been researched and have been purchased from overseas bulk purchasing and from other chain discount stores. ALL ITEMS ARE FAKE ..BE CAREFUL.
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FAKE bracelets...I've had that same issue with this jinnandtonics...also with the other online stores that belong to jinnandtoncs. My father did a ton of research and the things he found out about this company are astonishing.

I advise everyone to think hard before going to this site.


We are sorry to hear your dissatisfied with your purchase. We offer 100% refund policy.

Our items are accurately described.

We offer excellent customer service, please contact us and we will work with you to resolve any problem. Thank you ~ Jinnandtonics

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#546760 Review #546760 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Findlay, Ohio

Jinnandtonics RIPPED MY MOM OFF

After shopping on line for something special, my mother whom has been a believer of the metaphysical's...she purchased a jewelry item that belongs to AVON....DO NOT BELIEVE THIS STORE AND WHAT IS SHOWN...I've tried to contact them and they are ignoring my email request's. I'm now doing extensive research on this company. Not finding very good reviews. I've finally convinced my Mother to NOT purchase from these types of places as 99% are just rip-off artists making a buck off of innocent people. Again, the name of this place is jinnandtonics and the store is full of things that don't seem to be genuine. I'm now very curious about why they no longer are on ebay..Have found interesting articles on these people and their sister companies. What a sad mess.
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We are sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with your purchase. We do have a 100% refund policy and excellent customer service.

Please reach out to us if you ever have any issues as we truly care about your purchase experience.

We do have a store on ebay. However, ebay has banned ALL meta sellers from selling intangible services, therefore we currently sell on our website.(jinnandtonics.com)

We wish you well, ~ JInnandtonics

#455814 Review #455814 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Jinn and Tonics

These people go around to wal-mart, k-mart, and mostly YARD SALES buying junk, then they make up stories that they are "haunted". PLEEEEZZZE people, this company is as fake as they come. Bought a ring and it was fake, saw it at my own hometown flea market. I think ebay should be more aware of what is going on but I suppose not. It is a shame we all work so hard for our money to be ripped off by FAKE PEOPLE...FAKE IN EVERTHING THEY SELL. SO ALL BE WARE OF JINNANDTONICS EBAY SITE. THIS IS SUCH A SHAME. AND SHAME ON EBAY FOR ALLOWING IT.
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People that are looking for a spirit/Khodam/Muwakil/djinn companion I would recommend http://roohanimadad.ecrater.co.uk/ this website as many of my friends and myself have purchased from the website after many months of research I have found are real Genuine Person But I must warn you he's very picky to who his entities go to I hope everyone can benefit from this.


Although I have not bought from Jinn and Tonics, I have bought from many other metaphysical sellers and would like to inform you on how the typical "haunted" items come about. A lot of the time practitioners have rings, pendants, beads, etc they have had for a while or had bought from stores such as Walmart, Kay, eBay, Etsy, etc.

Then, they willingly bind spirits to the vessel (the ring, pendant, whatever). If you bought the vessel with the being attached believing it was a load of ***, why are you blaming the shop?

Part of working with the paranormal is being open-minded. It's difficult to communicate with or sense something you think isn't even real.


To "Anon"....First of all, the vessel was not purchased believing it was a load of ****. What is a load of **** is the person behind this company.

We are VERY open minded and VERY knowledgeable in this area.....Unfortunatly, 99% of this stuff is not real.

My right hand man who is an investigator did some extensive checking on this jinnandtonics, along with several other's....well, I wish I were able to

devulge the information that was found. Be smarter than the fool who's fooling you.



JINNANDTONICS...I would like to comment on some of the reviews I've read on jinnandtonics, which owns other on-line stores. - I have a very good friend who had a horrible experience with jinnandtonics.

Not only is she an elderly lady, but is very honest and believes everyone. Since her purchase from jinnandtonics, she has become troubled. I spent some time trying to find out about these stores and the people behind them...It is a sad world when people are so greedy, that everything they sell are things one can buy just about anywhere. A "votive" candle??!!

Rings that are in my Avon book, not to mention that my 7 year old daughter has the exact same little "shell" bracelet.

The point here is to stay away from ALL of these people. They are fooling the world if they think they will continue to get away with this...SCAMS..


Again, if they're selling a ring you've seen elsewhere, they probably bought it and later bound a spirit to it. It's not that difficult of a concept.

Are there century old, one of a kind pieces of jewelry that have residual energy or even a being that has attached itself to it? Yes. Is there Avon sold jewelry a practitioner bound a spirit to or spellcasted? Yes.

This elderly person that had later become troubled after purchasing from them, what did they buy? If there's a being or spell with energy a person isn't attuned to it could cause issues as they grow used to it.







jinnandtonics-ONE OF THE WORST metaphysical sellers on the internet. Site looks ok but the inventory is not genuine.

Many of these sellers have moved from ebay as ebay was tired of the complaints, I'm sure.

I have a store (not on line) that actually sells the real deal. jinnandtonics is one of MANY whom all should be aware of.


Hello please can you atleast give that stores email address so i can contact

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#317001 Review #317001 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia


jinnandtonics meta seller no refund *** fake jinn ring no activity shill bid partner no longer registered bncsellers spent over $800 unhappy dissatisfied jinnandtonics ignored my complaint no activity evil seller masquerading under low cost wares rip off shill high bid jinn rings waiting for refund jinnandtonics ring sent back registered mail six weeks no response jinnandtonics member huge shill bidding organization buyers bid against jinnandtonics hired help jinnandtonics fraudulent seller list big joke jinnandtonics fraudulent seller filing a complaint with paypal for refund jinnandtonics stated money gone claimed ring lost in mail signature jinnandtonics faxed to paypal might take time paypal will refund
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There are many sites on the internet these days. I've shopped many of them.

I enjoy the "colorful" items for sale, the magical words that one uses to describe their items. I've found more than a handful of sellers with high integrity. I know many of these sellers can post the "#1" rated sellers emblem, etc. without actually EARNING THEM.

I came across this site and read the complaints. Afterwards, I did a test of my own. Purchased just a few items, didn't spend much money, as I felt compelled to stand up for or not, a company, and their affiliates. It was to my dismay that the complaints seem to be quite fair and honest, unlike the seller.

Company name, jinnandtonics plus all of their sites listed on the jinnandtonics site. All items I purchased were of no value in any category whatsoever.

I'm sadden by this and that it's allowed. For those of you who may read this, its simply an honest jesture to help the honest from the dishonest.






They go around looking to see what everyone is selling and when they spot something similar to theirs, they get pissed and start saying mean things to the sellers who aren't even bothering them!

Jinn and Tonics needs to lay off and mind their own business!


If anyone needs some good bonding instructions, I can attach it to your email. This bonding really works and you get results.


that there are some real haunted items sold on eBay. I have spoke with some buyers of these Djinn or Dragon items, and they were happy with their purchases.

They said they got some real activity. I'm not connected with any other sellers on eBay. I'm just saying that some of these are the real thing!

I wouldn't pay any $800 for a ring they probably got for much cheaper. I do think their rings are quite unusual, but I couldn't afford their sky high prices when you can find the same thing with less exaggeration much cheaper on eBay.


Jinandtonics is a good seller and very nice.


You must be joking!! jinnandtoncis is horrible.

Liers, thieves...not an honest bone in their bodies. You should beware of this girl. I've investigated this site after reading some complaints. They don't have one item that is real....What a shame.

They are fake, as the other complaints have stated.

Who does this?? LIARS AND THIEVES...that's who.


I agree with phillip! You need to stop blog bashing guys.

Its honestly not making anything any better. Just get over it? Metaphysical stuff is real! and some people need it in there lives and having blogs slashing peoples believes is so nasty!

Jinnandtonics do happen to be lovely and instead of posting blogs, speak to the sellers! It works :) Hope this helped and just get on with your lives


im tired of all of this i got a djinn fire ring of for 20 doller very cheap for me from the enchanted wil1ow witch cottage it said it was an old jinn that it will bring me happnise and grant all me wishes well when i got it also said there was a certifacit for it and she also said when i let it in my house the first time i will notice smoke well i notcie a face on me ring soemtimes smoke and it will feel warm alot and werid but wtf im wishis anit granted she gave me no other information about that and how the *** do you bound with them *** she said it will grant all my *** wishes but i dont got *** and me life hasnt chaned abit is there something im doing wrong can anyone help me with my ring i dont really think she riped me off i think im doing soemthing wrong and i want to now so i can get me *** whises is there anyone who could give me information on how to bound i know wrong place to be but i really do need help with it


Are all meta sellers so angry? What is the reason that you are telling such mean things about such nice people?

Jinnandtonics are the nicest people I have ever met. I asked ebay about their history and they have not ever been suspended. They helped me when I was lost and they gave me free help, they sent me money to pay my bills, they prayed for my kids, I got another job because of their items. Their stuff is real.

They are so generous, nice, and helpful. I don't think they would ever be as mean as you guys are being. I will not buy from you two sellers because you have mean attitudes and hurtful ways. I want everyone to know that jinnandtonics are good honest people who will really help you if you need it!

They really care about the people and what we are facing, not the dollar or a scam. I don't think anyone on here has any idea what wonderful people they really are, it breaks my heart to see these mean sellers say such hurtful things about good people. I will not buy from you people ever. I hope others who read this will see through these seller's words to the heart of this mean spirited action.

If you want to be treated with honesty and kindness go to jinnandtonics. Shame on the rest of you.

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#124995 Review #124995 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Boston, Massachusetts


do not get caught up in a bidding war with jinnandtonics shill bidding partner the no longer registered bncsellers unsuspecting bidders bid against the seller jinnandtonics suspended twice for shill bidding out over $500 no activity no refund no authenticity jinnandtonics enlisted bncsellers shill bidding twosome ragged bragged fakes bncsellers jinnandtonics suck buyers dry bncsellers shares the profits with jinnandtonics track jinnandtonics fake bids five months ago reported jinnandtonics for shill bidding suspended back on ebay shill bidding away bncsellers jinnandtonics rip offs bncsellers jinnandtonics *** sellers *** job money lost over $500 jinnandtonics rising bids bncsellers tricky fingers fake out fake cheap rings
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The comments above...# 5 and 6 were BOTH written by the owner herself of the jinnandtonics ebay store. If everything they say and do is so professional and TRUE, then why on earth would I have a ring bought from jinnandtonics that is EXACTLY the same in every way shap and form as the one at our flea market???? She is very good at what she does but the stories are not true and the "haunted" whatever, IS JUST NOT TRUE..


Hi I recently brought from Jinnandtonic, I own several djinns and know what to expect. I didnt get any response from this ring.

Then only a week ago it one day got really icy cold. I had a beer that night I am talking like only 4 and the next day i felt terrible like all my energy was drained. The feeling didnt go away it lasted for a week I couldnt understand what was going on,it was like i had a terrible hangover for a week. I had a dream and a dragon appeared and another djinn and they showed me a vampire.

I didnt get the message at first, then the next day something told me to take the ring off. Within 24 hours I felt normal again, it was so scary to think I had purchased a powerful djinn only to find out it could be a vampire. I did get incontact with them and they said it was 100% real little did I know what it was.

Yeah it was real alright but certainly not what I paid for. The ring is now in the box and that is where it will stay I get sick just the thought of wearing it.


I bought couple items but they never seems to manifest and at the same time it doesn’t make sense because not all Djinn can fly. If the Djinn are resident of one country then it can’t fly to anther country and go and serve the master. Djinn will curse you by their power and could die by that curse. Anyway… my point is they are very strong and supernatural. It is impossible to work that way..

I DO believe that magic works but not JINN or ANGLE pleases…. They are over superior and respectful. They are made out of Fire they are not like our existence. Try buying from them. They have good attitude and positive communications. But trying buying from to see if the item really works and make sure you don’t get caught by their nice and convincing words.



Jinn and tonics are loverly! They answered all my questions and sent me a free ebook.

They are one of the only sellers that i truly trust!

Dont waste your time posting silly blogs! Talk to the people!


I hope i'm not a victim of this, i have bought a few items and a binding spell named "Haunted Gypsy MULTI SPIRIT DJINN WATCHER DRAGON BINDING" from BNCSELLERS / Haunted Gypsy .. I have tried many times to aks something about the item i payed for and got NO email response at all back, i hope i'm not a victim of something dumb!!

Magick comes from the heart and love for others, not from taking advantage in order to get money..!!


Greetings and blessings of peace and love to all. The only thing that truly matters is that we care enough to answer the call...

to step up... to be counted... that when others are in need... we did not look away, and pretend that we cannot see...

reach out... make contact... spread love and light! Be proactive in your life!

don't be afraid to reach out and touch others who need you... and most important... don't fear being touched by those who care. It is only the open hand that is ready to give and receive.

to be closed ... is to be dead. Live your life to the fullest.... give of yourself, and receive from others with a joyous spirit!

Blessings! To love is too live!

Spread the light! ~JinnandTonics!


I don't think either one of you have ever met or bought from Jinnandtonics, they are the best people on earth. Their items are real, they are always polite and answer any questions openly and honestly, when I needed help they were quick to offer me free assistance, they even sent me cash to help pay my bills when I lost my job.

I have been a buyer from them for over a year, and I know they are real. I also know that they do not talk bad about others not even their competition. I contacted ebay and asked for info about their being suspended it has never happened. I think you both would be better off telling the truth, or getting to know them yourself, as they are the most genuine and caring people I have ever met.

I know they would only wish you the best and offer to pray for your needs. I don't believe everything I read on these places as obviously, these are lies about decent people.

You should both be ashamed of your conduct. I know JInnandtonics is trust worthy, but your statement only make me mistrust you.


Merry Meet, I have no association with jinnandtonics. jinnandtonics is a member of the uamd now the mda run by creepyhollows.

they make false claims regarding being 'the only ones who can cast' certain spells or beings, claim to have started ebays meta category and shill bid on each others items all the time. If I were a shill bidder, would I have items sell for .98? that doesn't even cover my ebay fees much less paypal, shipping materials, shipping charges, time to cast,ingredients used, or even the item itself! Doesn't make much sense to me, how about anyone else?

If you are going to throw around accusations, have the courage to sign your name. I am bncsellers, you can find me on ebay and ask me anything you would like


Merry Meet, I have no association with jinnandtonics. jinnandtonics is a member of the uamd now the mda run by creepyhollows.

they make false claims regarding being 'the only ones who can cast' certain spells or beings, claim to have started ebays meta category and shill bid on each others items all the time. If I were a shill bidder, would I have items sell for .98? that doesn't even cover my ebay fees much less paypal, shipping materials, shipping charges, time to cast,ingredients used, or even the item itself! Doesn't make much sense to me, how about anyone else?

If you are going to throw around accusations, have the courage to sign your name. I am bncsellers, you can find me on ebay and ask me anything you would like

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#124709 Review #124709 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Boston, Massachusetts

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