I had trouble with the new Stuffed Hash browns over the pst few months. They were excellent when they first came out and it appears that quality control is slipping badly. But, customer service is slow and if you call them you get the robot sales pitch for " A free Back Brace" the same scam you get from the unsolicited calls at home. Initially, I sent them an email complaining about two packages where the sandwiches were not sealed in their...
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I liked
  • Food used to be good
I didn't like
  • Being scammed on a customer service phone number
I purchased a package of Jimmy Dean sausage from Sam's Club. It was the fully cooked 24 sausage package. I really love Jimmy Dean sausages. In the pack there is 6 plastic wrapped packages with 4 each in them. Once I opened the package I noticed that there was a black film on them that appeared to be something that could have possibly been on whatever pan or container they're being cooked on. It appeared to be nasty and I felt that it should...
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Dear sir or ma'am, it appears as though the jimmy dean sausage has taken a turn for the worst. I have family from southern indiana who have sworn by jimmy dean sausage to make the best sausage gravy. I can attest to that or rather would have. The sausage I just had is nothing like the sausage I used to did not cook right, make gravy right or, taste right. So, has profit trumped pride? It sure seems like the quality of this product...
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The Bitter Truth \"...taken a turn for the worst.\" Don\'t you mean, taken a turn for the wurst?


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