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Under no circumstances should anybody buy a 2017 Chevy Malibu. This is by far the most problematic unreliable vehicle my fiancee and I have ever purchased.Government Motors does not manufacture reliable vehicles and relies on customer service personnel to work out or smooth over the mistake of purchasing the product that they are supposed to be standing behind with pride. The vehicles are to over engineered for the mechanics at the dealerships therefore they have to consult with senior GM advisors for help trying to analyze the problem always starting with possibilities never getting directly to the problem. Our Lemon Malibu has seen the (service bays) of Jimmy BUTLERS 9 times before its been in our possession for 1 year going on # 10 BUT DEFINITELY NOT AT JIMMYS why on earth would the catalytic converter have tp be replaced before it's 6 months old? Substandard parts ? Or the gear selector at 5 months ? Substardard parts ? Or poor workmanship? Either way unacceptable for the amount of money the vehicle GOVERNMENT MOTORS puts out and WANTS the consumer to pay. The electronic systems engineered into this car are far beyond the capabilities of the $12.00 an hour mechanics they are moving towards. Radio freezes up needs update check engine light comes on 5 different times. Needs update check fuel cap FOR CHRIST SAKE THE DAM THING DOESN'T HAVE A FUEL CAP must need an update and if it does need replacement parts they are on back order from where some sweat shop in god only knows WHERE. WELL my update is the choices we as AMERICAN WORKING CLASS PEOPLE HAVE ARE FAR GREATER THAN THE PRODUCT GOVERNMENT MOTORS PUTS OUT.
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Bad quality
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Just pass two years old and my car is giving me problems. I have replaced the battery and the alternator in two weeks.

First I had to wait two weeks for the alternator because no one had it in stock. Now that its been replaced a week later the check engine light came on. On my way home Friday night the battery went into battery saver mode. After that the error message came on stating Battery charging system needs maintenance.

I was scared that the car was going to cur off right there on the highway while I had my Grandson in the car with me. GM knows this problem exists I saw on their blog this problem has existed with this model since 2003.

I called the dealer and took my car in the very next day. The need a recall.