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I took my 1995 ford windstar van into Jensen tires on galvin, Travis Westfall said the smell from exhaust was my exhaust system, sold me 900 muffler system, and then, told me I couldn't afford a P0340 code, which is a camshaft position sensor code, which at the end of the New years, I found out is only 140 to change by a shop. So then, I had starter issues, and the van then, went back to Jensen, shop where they sold me a used starter. Then still...
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I didn't like
  • Over priced services dishonesty no refund
  • Dis
  • Lies
My car had new struts recently put on. So an alignment was needed. The drive ok but when Jensen Tires at the So. 97 th St. Location got finished I had a leaking tire that was suppose to be repaired but wasn't. My car now when you drive it the wheels feel like they are going straight and the body of the car is going off to the right I another direction. Although they only returned $54.00 dollars of the $124.00 spent/taken. The car drive so much...
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