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To date the Jeep is sitting at a dealership service department due to continued electrical issues including the emergency breaking system engaging while driving on the highway with nothing in front of us except the road. Do not believe Chrysler when they say they are going to help the dealership techs. Keep demanding to speak to someone higher up on the Chrysler food chain. Also demand to speak to the team reviewing your case regarding a...
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Hooper415 Im having same exact issues. Electrical / computer issues. Almost 30 days now (lemon). Star tech team is looking at issue. I refuse to drive the car due to safety. Between Chr...

I didn't like
  • Quality and service of the jeep
  • Dont buy one
Had new transmission put in at 10000 miles ran good for 2000 miles now the car is bucking when u slow down dealer said its normal they don't no how to fix it called customer service they are terrible they say engineering is working on problem they don't have a clue jeep makes terrible transmissions have case no but they don't care jeep should be sued my wife has a 2014 Cherokee her transmission Quit right in traffic could have been a fatal...
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I liked
  • What i thought was a honest dealership
  • Vehicle but problems out due the vehicle
I didn't like
  • Way they treat there customers
  • Service and lying from customer service