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I purchased a certified 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee on 12/29/17. Two weeks or so later when I had the fluids checked, the mechanic checking the fluids found a leak next to the transaxle case plug and a seal for the transaxle case. I informed the Sales Manager, Steve Kern and he started swearing at me about how hard he busted his *** to get the deal done. That is problem one. Problem two is I tried to contact corporate 6 times over the course of 6...
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We have submitted a claim.For work we had done on a break recall. We brought the car to our own service center, as we did not know it was the same thing that was supposedly fixed on a recall. All I knew is I did not have breaks, and almost had an accident. I thought that I needed new breaks. My mechanic, after pulling everything apart fixed the issue. It was after the repair that we realized it was the same thing that was supposedly fixed by...
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TIPM - total integrated power module. Need I say more? Car was running "normal" and took in for the fuel pump relay recall. It is a $40 part which is in the TIPM. The issues started once the recall was performed. Now on occasions, the car cranks and cranks and fails to start. Went to dealer many times and they can't reproduce the issue. That seems to be their line - can't reproduce or there's no service bulletin. At time of service the...
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2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Car Review

Jeep had a recall for sunvisor visors the replaced the visited but the color is way off. I contacted stoneridge dodge and the never called back. I sent a complaint to jeep and they also never called back. I going back to Bmw this is why American cars have bad raps . They do not take care of the customer John christner