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My UP4 only last 6 months. The product stopped working and customer service would not help me because I didn't have the original receipt. The device was a gift from my brother for Christmas, so I obviously didn't have a receipt. I register the device immediately after getting it, but that wasn't enough apparently. I borrowed a charger from my mother who has the same device to make sure it wasn't the charger that was broken and it is...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of any customer support
  • Complete lack of customer support
  • Product reliability
The original company (*** Smith) has gone into receivership so no joy there so I have tried to contact Jawbone in numerous occasions but absolutely nothing. Disgraceful customer service and shoddy product. I certainly wouldn't recommend them based on my experience. Maybe they think that because I am in NZ I am too far away to bother with but believe you me I am not someone they want to mess with as I can do a lot of damage to their company name...
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certhoc Hi,
I read you are from NZ. I am from Mexico and they act as if it were another planet. What hope do I have if I am way nearer than you are?
But oh well, I liked your la...

I didn't like
  • No replies to email
  • Complete lack of customer support
  • Costumer service