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I can’t begin to express how angry I am at the local Jared. It’s now been 3 months and I still do not have my watch back. I recently told them I do not want them to have it repaired, just get it back. I am still waiting! 3 months ago, I brought the watch in to the local store for an overhaul. They shipped it off and told me that it would take about 3 weeks. Several weeks later they called to tell me that additional work needed to be done, which...
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Purchased a Tag Heuer watch from Jared and it had to be replaced once and it stopped working a second time and I took it in for service, I recieved a call from Jared a few weeks later stating that it would cost me $200 to have my watch refurbished and another $160 to clean and polish it . Not once did the *** from Jared explain what was wrong with the watch but was insisting that I get the watch refurbished. I told him that I am not spending...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
I recently took my watch in for repair (I believe the battery was dead) they sent it out. They called 6 weeks later after I had to make a follow-up call to have me authorize a $78 repair. I ask what do they do for the $78 and they said they clean and adjust as well as replace the battery. I approved the charge. I then had to call again after 1 1/2 weeks they said the watch came back and did not work so they sent it back to there service company...
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