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Went into Jared to get a dollar value on an engagement ring I purchased. The salesman insisted on cleaning the ring even though I told him it was clean. He still insisted and cleaned it several times. He then took the ring in a room for 15 to 20 minutes before saying what they would offer to buy it. He ended up switching stones while in the room. He replaced mine with much lesser quality and lied about it! I lost thousands of dollars in value at... Read more

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I've had a Jarad credit card for about 2-1/2 years never been late on a payment, never over spent on the card, they always precharged me $25 on each transaction I made because my credit was a little lower this was to go away after a year. Well the last time I used the card was in August, I ended up returning my two items I purchased a few weeks after so I had really no bill. Yesterday I notice they have a necklace I've been looking for so I... Read more

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My name is Tammy Klein i bought a two toned ring and brought it into Jareds because the prong was bent on my diamond. Well i went to pick it up my ring well the color was gone it was no longer two toned and my finger turned green. They told me when i went to get it fixed for a second time which i called in advance to let them no what was going on well the lady told me she buffed out the color and acted like i was gonna take it no i want what i... Read more

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Recently went into the Jared in Fort Wayne, IN. to have my wife's ring cleaned and inspected. The repair liason Stacy was too busy chatting with other associates. I had to literally ask for assistance which clearly upset her as she scoffed and very sarcastically asked me what I wanted, I asked for regular clean and inspection and she clearly had no clue as to how to perform a simple inspection. Noticing this was clearly agitating her I asked if... Read more

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I purchased a pair of emerald earrings for a Christmas gift for my wife on Nov 17, 2016. The return policy is 30 days. My wife did not like the earrings so o tried to return them to Jared today, Jan 4, 2017. The Store (Paramus, NJ) said they could not refund my money ~$550. I called customer service and all they did was recite the return policy. One of th 'customer care' reps hung up on me when I said to stop repeating the return policy. So, a... Read more

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Went in to the Jared's in Douglasville, GA and Diane, someone I have never dealt with, spoke to me in a very condescending manner. I am African American and I was picking up my engagement ring, which is 18 k white gold, with 2.5 k diamonds and has a European shank. The shank broke and we had it repaired. She asked me for my claim ticket as if i was out of place in this store and would not have it. We go over to the repair pickup station to get... Read more

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The sells people have very poor customer service skills when you walk in they hello and you feel rushed so if you just want to think about a purchase they go to the next person especially if you are black which leaves a bad taste in your mouth i am africian american i went to Helzberg Jwerely excellent customer service and spent 7,000 dollars on wedding rings i will refer my friends to Helzberg and make sure they do not shop at jareds with their... Read more

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Where can I even begin. The entire purchase became a nightmare, once we are still having to relive and fight to get completely removed from our lives. A nightmare only more accentuated by the fact that this experience should have been a dream come true for any couple. My fiancee purchased a gorgeous diamond engagement ring one evening. After coming home we decided we wanted to upgrade the band. The following week I went alone to surprise him and... Read more

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My husband and I went to a local Jareds to look at options for an anniversary band to celebrate 15 years of marriage. I had done research and knew what I wanted. The salesmen were very helpful and though the store didn't have what I was looking for, managed to put together three different rings to create a look close enough to what I wanted. When talking with the salesman, he never actually measured my ring finger. So when I went to pick up the... Read more

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  • Nov 13, 2016
  • by anonymous
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I got my ring at jared in feb ever since then I have to keep going back to get it clean because it turns my finger green and band goes black. For the money I am still paying they should give me another ring without paying more money. I went to the Mayfair Mall in Milwaukee WI

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