Tammi T Mms

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Dishonest company

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We have used Jackson Mountain in the past and didn't have problems UNTIL THIS YEAR. There were 10 of us which did not include small children or pets.

We believe in integrity and accountability which is why this incident was very personal for us. Jackson Mountain has accused us of damaging property (interior lock of a closet with a key pad lock) in the cabin, Parkside Lodge. No locks or doors were damaged at the beginning, during, or the end of our stay. We dispute their "inspection" and have requested a full report, including pictures, and witness statements of the damage.

We look forward to an opportunity to dispute this legally, as well. We have utilized Jackson Mountain Rentals on several occasions and follow rules/policies completely. We did not attempt entry into restricted areas, such as this indoor assumed locked door, as those would not be needed. If we would have accessed the door or area, we would have contacted the property of any noticed damage.

We accessed the bedroom areas (not interior locked doors), bathrooms, game room, kitchen, laundry, movie room, and common living area. We did not access the hot tub either. We have 10 witnesses to these accesses that are available to provide sworn statements. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, do not book with these people as you would need to thoroughly inspect the cabin, including pictures, as soon as you get there...then complete another inspection, including pictures, upon departure.

I would suggest a video, as well, if you already have a reservation and can't cancel.

We will NEVER use them again and highly suggest you do not either. There are other rental companies.

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  • Location
  • Being accused of doing something we did not do

Preferred solution: We would like for Jackson Mountain Homes to be honest and due their due diligence regarding this accusation.

User's recommendation: Look for other rental companies.

Christy V Yzb

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| map-marker Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Will never stay with Jackson Mountain Rental again.

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We come to Gatlinburg every December for family vacation 15+ people from multiple states. Jackson Mountain is not a company we will ever use again!!!

They changed the door code on us last minute, did not receive an email nor text.

Our children got there before us and couldnt get in. And lack of service I wasnt able to call where we were at.

We called multiple times a day for issues. Baby gates were ALL BROKENwith 4 grands under 3 yrs old baby gates are a necessity!!! Hot tub didnt work, they stated maintenance would come and theres a ticket in for repairs.

Maintenance never came. TVs not working, remote controls not working. Shower with the jets was broken and unusable. Jetted tub in one of the bedrooms we had to use pliers to get it on and off.(knobs broken).

Cleanliness was mediocre!

We had to rewash dishes as they were put away dirty. There were no brooms to use to sweep up the nasty on the floors. We requested the trash outside be emptied as it was full, a ticket was stated to be put in. Kind of hard to keep bears away when you cant keep trash emptied so it isnt overflowing!

And their 2 parking space maximum is a joke!

They do not enforce it and our children couldnt unload with their babies due to the cabin next to us using our space and their spaces with 5 big Trucks and SUVs.

My response below to Jackson Mountain Rentals reply on Google Review...

It looks like we reached out multiple times for a credit card on file for any incidentals per our policy. Since we were unable to reach you, the door code was changed since you did not follow the policy.

My response to the statement above...

Jackson Mountain reached out via text on 12/7/23 and via email 12/9/23, and on 12/10/23 @ 1:01PM I called Jackson Mountain and gave them a credit card to use for incidents per your policy. I received the door code via your guest portal within 10 mins. I also took a screenshot on 12/12/23 @ 9:48AM from your Guest Portal of the door code and shared with my family not traveling with us.

The door code on 12/10/23 and 12/12/23 were the exact same. On 12/13/23 @ 4:20PM door code would not work and our check in time was 12/13/23 4:00PM. I am unsure why Jackson Mountain Rentals needed to change it and then state inaccurate information.

I also see that you called about parking, and we advised you that there was very limited parking but provided you with overflow parking options.

My response to the statement above...

I stated, The parking is a joke and you do not enforce it, as our neighbors were using our space and their space." Kind of hard to park 2 vehicles when the neighbors are using your parking. In addition, we had to utilize the overflow parking.

The only other thing that was reported to our 24/7 Guest Services Team was the hot tub and trash pickup request.

I do see that our local maintenance team came out within 24 hours to address these requests for you.

My response to the statement above...

Jackson Mountain was called 12/13/23 @ 8:48PM concerning the hot tub not working, after more than 24 hours of maintenance not showing up and the hot tub not working we called again. My daughter called on 12/15/23 before 4:00PM and was told they would not speak to her; they would only speak with to me. I called 12/15/23 @ 4:22PM concerning the hot tub still not working.

On 12/16/23 @ 1:50PM the hot tub was FINALLY fixed. That does not add up to a 24hr maintenance team coming out and addressing this request.

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  • Pretty view of mountains
  • Lack of customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Read all reviews before booking.

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YOU STAY YOU PAY. If the conditions were really that bad you would have left. It is shame people who cannot afford vacations need to lie to get their vacation refunded.

Ben A Mcj
map-marker Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Poor Customer Service/Maintenance

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Booked Smokey Mountain Splash for a long weekend July 7-10. Arrived on July 7 at 4pm.

Discovered the AC unit for the lower level was not working. Notified customer service at 6:22pm. I was told that an HVAC tech would be by that evening or first thing in the morning on July 8. Nobody showed up that night.

On July 8, I waited until around 10am and nobody showed up. I called customer service back and they apologized and said that we were on the schedule for service that day. 1pm arrived and still no tech to check the AC unit. I called back and was told that we were scheduled for the day but had no time frame.

I was told that they were bringing 2 portable AC units to get us by until the AC company arrived. At 4pm we still hadnt received any service from HVAC company or the portable units. My call was again greeted with apologies and excuses. I was told that the portable units should have been delivered and they would call and check.

At 6:30pm still no service nor portable units.. my 5th call to the company was more of the same.. excuses and apologies.. they told me that a new maintenance person would have the units to our cabin within an hour..

7:30 arrived and guess what.. still no service or portable units.. I called back again and at this point told the person that answered that I needed a manager.. clearly nobody that answered the phone could assist me at this point.

I was told that the manager likely wouldnt be able to call me tonight since it was already 7:30!!! I asked what type of manager doesnt take the time to call the client at 7:30? Finally at 8:30 One portable AC unit arrived. It had to be put in one of the bottom floor bedrooms because it was the only room that had a window that would open.

I have rented many houses, cabins, etc. and NEVER had such an issue with regards to poor communication, and lack of effort to take care of a customer. We paid over $4,000 for 3 nights in this cabin. A quick google search provided over 20 HVAC companies in the area..

my assumption is that this company, to save a few dollars doesnt want to pay weekend/OT rates to have a company service their unit. I highly encourage anyone considering renting from this company to choose a different one! The cabin is beautiful, however the entire downstairs (kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms are almost 80 degrees and not very pleasant to use.

We are basically being forced to use half of a house that we paid a lot of money for.. Choose Wisely!!

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  • Great location
  • Beautiful cabin
  • Poor communication and poor customer service

Preferred solution: Price reduction

User's recommendation: Find another company to rent from

Kailei Pis

I don't think they should give you a price reduction. Cannot afford what they charge stay at home.

reply icon Replying to comment of Kailei Pis

Affording it isn’t a problem, clearly as I am in the cabin currently. The problem is paying for something that hasn’t been provided nor corrected as stated in their description of amenities provided in the listing.

If you purchased a vehicle that stated it had 4 tires and when you got there one was flat wouldn’t you expect it to be corrected or you to be compensated accordingly? Simple logic… well simple to some I guess.

Heather R PIy
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-2358514

Simple logic. You can not afford th e price. You are not smart.

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Ddbbie M

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For the money the Peyton’s hideaway is horrible. The staff really don’t care what you think. This cabin needs shut down. Maintenance worked really needed and purchased couches with pull out bed new!

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Things that dont work


2. Outside fireplace - this was why I booked this place


Water leaks on the bedroom wall, the living room wall etc

4 light bulb in downstairs is hanging from wires

5 the vent in the bathroom sounds like a lawn mower blowing up

6. Looks like someone to a knife and played dart board with the freezer door on the refrigerator

7. The stools are unable to sit on, wobbly and screws coming out

Countertop damage,

8. Table damage

9 a whole blind is missing


There is a small room down stairs with a child size mattress in it, strange

11 upstairs carpet is rolling , I had to be careful I didnt trip and fall

12 when we arrived the front door was unlocked as well as the downstairs door

13. The windows are gross, they need cleaned.

14. This place is absolutely horrible

15. The porches havent been swept for a while


This place is expensive, to make things right they should have offered some of my money back as this is false advertisement.

17. Tv in bedroom doesnt work

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Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Don’t come here

Keith S Xtj

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| map-marker Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Lack of response to safety issues

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Jackson Mountain Homes - Lack of response to safety issues
Updated by user Jul 19, 2022

They finally came and resolved most issues, but the dishwasher still does not work. So no more concerns about safety and it just remains to be seen if they will provide a reasonable refund/ compensation for not having a dishwasher and the inconvenience of yesterday.

Updated by user Jul 18, 2022

I have asked that this safety issue be given priority. I was told we were simply have to wait.

Original review Jul 18, 2022
We have electrical issues in our cabin and they wont give it the priority such a safety concern needs. Im sure their are plenty of other places in the area that will provide better, and safer, service.
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  • Poor customer service
  • Electrical safety issues

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Avoid

Erin H Qwo

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| map-marker North Port, Florida

Not happy with our stay

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My family of 4 stayed at the dreams and streams cabin July10-15 we were suppose to leave on the 16 but left a day early. Upon arriving Sunday night after 13 hours driving it was raining and we couldnt get up to our cabin the road was slippery and we actually fishtailed trying to get up the mountain to the cabin.

We have 2 daughters who were scared after that. Not safe at all. We called Jackson mountain homes asking for a recommendation about what to do maybe another way to get to cabin another place to stay something and spoke with Jules and she basically told we are SOL. No help at all.

So we finally got up to cabin wanting to unwind after driving for 13 hours and to find out the tvs in the living room and bedroom doesnt work. Living room tv makes a popping noise with no picture at all amd bedroom tv comes on but no picture. Remotes have no batteries in them. Next day we wake up to unload our truck and the stairs outside leading up to cabin are slippery and missing some of anti slip tape and my husband slips on the stairs and falls.

Thank god he was just sore with a nasty bruise on his back. Could of been a lot worse. Called the maintenance desk to let them know the tvs dont work we cant use them and my stairs need grip tape, lady on the phone says it would be fixed that day on Monday 7-11. Anti slip tape was put on the stairs but tvs were never fixed.

We went the whole week without being able to sit enjoy some tv. Master bathroom tub even if you wanted to use it you couldnt because the drain doesnt work.

We have rented Jackson mountain home cabins in the past and have been very pleased and we are grateful that this company honors law enforcement with a discount. Dreams and streams was however our last cabin from this company.

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Ginger M Flu

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| map-marker Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Company Has Made Zero Effort To Make Things Right

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Updated by user Nov 15, 2020

Shortly after writing this review JH sent an e-mail offering us 111.00 for our troubles. We excepted the offer but told them it hardly seemed fair after losing the first night of our vacation & spending all the extra money cleaning the place.

I’ve been doing some looking into this company.. be careful they hand pick their website reviews bc they clearly don’t match up with reviews on the exact same homes found elsewhere.. wish I would have did more homework b4 using their company!

I tried to give an honest review on their website but curiously you can’t leave a review.. now why doesn’t that surprise me

Original review Oct 11, 2020
We rented a log home from this company(Dreamscapes). We arrived excited but that quickly diminished upon opening the door. We were faced w/ many things from extreme wet dog stench to a very dirty home (during the COVID-19 pandemic at that). We were expecting guest to join us the following day so we had two choices either call JH & have someone come clean the home properly or clean it ourselves. Neither seemed fair to us after spending appx. 3,000 dollars on the home but we opted to spend another 40.00 on cleaning supplies & spend the first evening of vacation cleaning it ourselves so to avoid sharing the evening with strangers doing so. The up keep of the home was sad to say the least: 5 bedrooms & only one tv was in working order, the surround sound in the theater was broken, the jetted tub didnt have working jets, the bedroom window jam was broke causing a large enough hole to put your hand in, almost all of the window screens were missing, the carpets were in need of replacing, stones missing on the fireplace, missing or burnt out bulbs & pans that had zero chance of being cooked in. Just 2 many 2 list.. honestly. I brought it to the attention of Sarah @ JH along w/ photos. I was assured by Sarah that it would be passed onto management & they would contact me. I didnt hear anything so I sent an email & still havent heard anything.. not even an apology. I might note we picked this place bc it had all 5 star reviews but after seeing the place & condition of it Im honestly wondering who is posting those reviews bc we find it very difficult to give it a 1star. Im frustrated & angry about the lack of customer service after they take your money but mostly I write this review bc I worry this company will also ruin someone elses hard earned vacation. In closing: Use another company when staying in the area.. there are many to choose from dont let the reviews get you like they got us.
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  • Easy to use website
  • Terrible customer service after they have your money

Preferred solution: Price reduction

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