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Great Management

We are residents at our second apartment with J. Conti Interests, Historic Heights. Great Location. Great Updates. Management Response is prompt and professional. We Recommend J. Conti Interests. Our rental amount is lower than any of my friends who live close by. We have good neighbors in a small apartment complex on Heights Blvd. We are now in a two bedroom apartment that was updated with wood floors, nice fans, all electric kitchen with dishwasher. We have a laundry on site. My wife lived at another building in a one bedroom. Very modest apartment with just a few updates, but low rent and good response for maintenance requests. We will be renewing our lease.
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Good customer service

Great management, great apts, fair rents, why is a complaint not screened for truths??

Alway consider the source of slander!! Complaint was evicted for non payment. Complaint's neighbors while on the property asked management to relocate the abusive tenant due to incompatable lifestyle. The pissed off tenant is still pissed at something in her life. Can't help that! What we all should be pissed off about, is how people in our society have learned to treat each other, with hate and loss of respect. We all need to grow up and take upon ourselves our responsibility and work together to live in harmony. If one has a difficult situation, learn to be the solution.
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  • Great apartment fair rent

Did someone say slumlords WHY they have Great Apartments

It is unfortunate this site allows only pissed people to report. So I am pissed that I can not ask why someone would continue to reside cause so much slander and tell so many underhanded self imposed problems to whoever will read this. This Management company is hand on every day. And has responded to all the maintenance requests. we livers on Heights Blvd in this complex fortunately after you moved put. We received most of the deposit back. Our written requested were responded to. The AC went out but was repaired as needed. The electric was adequate and the grounds were free of debris and no one was allowed to drink on site or make too much noise. We could access management on email and by phone. Electric bills ran average of 98. We paid lower than market rent and had nice neighbors.
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This is a lie written by the landlords or office staff.

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Steer Clear!

By far the worst place I have ever lived in my life. The two places I rented out in college were light-years better than this place. I moved into 600 Heights Blvd. in May 2010. Seeing as this is Houston, Texas, the month of May is when things are really beginning to heat up. This is also the time when my A/C was not working. I had to make several phone calls to the office because each time one of the maintenance staff was sent they pretended to somehow fix the A/C, but it still was not working. There was even a time that maintenance came over to respond to my phone call about the A/C, stepped inside and immediately said "Brrr it's cold." I finally had to type up a formal letter citing the property code that states the wrong-doing in refusing to not fix the A/C in Texas and that gives the renter the right to hire his/her own repair service and send the bill to the landlord. Things immediately changed when that happened. In no time at all they were calling me to inform me they would have an outside repair service come fix things. So after almost 2 months of no A/C in Texas summer heat, I finally had cool air again. Another consistent nuisance was the landlord not leaving notifications inside the apartment after they have entered while the renter is out. The lease they write up and require the renters to sign specifically states they must leave written notice of times they enter an apartment. They never ever do this. NEVER. The one time they did do this is when the aforementioned A/C incident was going on and I cited the lease in the letter that I wrote and articulated that I would be expecting the written notification. There is no proof that any maintenance work is done that is requested by the tenant when they are gone for this very reason. There is also no way to know how often or for what reason they may or may not have been inside your home which is extremely unsettling to me. Roaches were also an outrageous problem in my apartment. The little roaches were an almost daily occurrence. But it didn't stop there. One evening I found a total of EIGHT two-inch long cockroaches in my bathroom and bedroom. I called the next day and requested an extermination and they assured me this would be done in the early afternoon - while I was at work. As usual, there was no written notice/proof whatsoever when I returned home that this was done. I called to assure it was done and was only met with a response along the lines of "there should have been a note left that it was completed." Nothing else. For a 30-plus complex, there was only 2 washers and 2 dryers. That was a huge headache. Coupled with the fact that at least half of the time one or both machines (usually the washers) was broken was just a nightmare. The laundry experience leaves much to be desired. The manual walk-in gate is to be unlocked with a key for an added safety measure. 90 - 95% of the time the gate was held open with a rock or some type of paper or stick was stuck in the hole to prevent the lock from closing. Due to this the door would frequently not open at all until maintenance came by to fix the problem. The buildings also do not seem to be kept up well. Granted the complex was built in the 1970's, but simple repairs seem to not be made. Outlet covers are left broken, random holes are covered up in the cheapest way possible that will cause the hole to reappear within the year, etc. The rent is next to impossible to find anywhere else inside the loop - but there IS a reason for that! Unkempt and unprofessional. Absolutely would not recommend this company to anyone.
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I agree this is the worse place to live in. Also i would like to know who did you sent the letter to?

cause they ripped us off (money related). I never had problems with a/c but i did had problems with BUGS UGH!! they dont really care about you and carly "the manager" never gives you a call back and they also dont leave a note when they go a repair something.

Please let me know who did you sent the letter to. Thanks!

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I don't know why its the negative that seems to stay on this site. This location is great and management is hands on and has been very considerate with scheduling maintenance around our needs.

The roaches and pest control is handled professionally. Housekeeping by residents create their own problems.

We strongly disagree and hope others will realize this post is over 4 years ago and there are many more satisfied residents who are happy with J. Conti Interests.

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krissylynn H
map-marker Spring, Texas

J Conti Interests llc are slumlords!!!

I was a tenant at 600 Heights Blvd from 4/11/08 until 2/15/11. During the entire lease I had to constantly complain about faulty equipment, plumbing and electrical issues. I will list them; The A/C unit and heating shorted out and flipped the breaker daily, usually 8 or more times a day if heat or air were being used. My electricity bill was consistently over $250 per month for years until the Conti's finally replaced the unit, which caused a drastic reduction in my electricity bill, but did not stop the breakers from flipping, leaving my apartment hot in the summer and freezing in the winter on a constant basis. The electricity surges caused 3 televisions (new flat screens) and 3 computers to short out in 3 years. I complained about sparks coming from the outlet and all they did was replace the outlet, but did nothing about the power surges. I purchased expensive APC surge protectors to try and protect my equipment but the indicated faulty wiring and was unable to protect my computer or TV. I informed the Contis about the losses of my equipment and they did not attempt to replace or fix the problem. The bathtub had several large rust holes and needed to be replaced, but rather than replacing it, they filled the holes with automotive Bondo and spray painted over it, leaving the tub hideous and constantly flaking off bits and pieces of paint into my bath water. The same spray paint is used on the kitchen counter tops as well, so if you try and use a cleaning product or a scouring sponge to remove a stain the paint would peel off on to your sponge as well, leaving discolored holes in the finish. There was also some sort of plumbing problem, I'm guessing very old piping or a very old water heater that caused the water to run blood orange at least once a week, essentially preventing you from cooking, bathing or drinking from their water system for several hours. I actually had to purchase water filters for the sink and a water cooler for my own drinking water.
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I lived there for awhile and the building I was in was pretty shot and in desperate need of repair. I had issues with the water turning brownish orange from high rust content.

The water heater would go out frequently. My bathtub was painted with latex paint and would chip off in the water. Cabinets and counteracts were also

painted causing paint chips to contaminate my food. Maintenance was ok at best.

I keep in mind they can only do a little with what management would provide to them.

Every issue I had was documented on paper and given to management.Joe continue was pretty greedy and his wife was inept. As far as location it was great but not worth the non stop roach issues and an incredibly high electric bill every month.

Majesty Xaf

I have lived at apartment managed by J. Conti Interests and it looks like who over posted the last review has personal issues.

The apartments are well managed hands on every day and the office is quite responsive. If you turn in your requests in writing it is very helpful and required, I think according to my lease. Buildings are older and maintenance is required. The team makes an effort to communicate and call in professionals when necessary.

The rent is very reasonable and I would definitely recommend the apartments. I have a great one bedroom with lots of space and the pool is maintained and my neighbors seem to enjoy living here too.

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^^^^ Landlord or staff. These are the greediest apartment managers I have ever dealt with.

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