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IZigg is Selling you a Dream Alright. Don't!

To begin my business with iZigg I invested $2600. and have spent surely hundreds of hours training people in my organization (while Izigg has NO paying training program available for agents and NO help unless you're recruiting - and SADLY that only entails 3 way sales call or my prospect showing up at a meeting where the 'top earner' tells them 'you can text my name to 90210 and I'm available to help you any time, we're going into business together and we're a team'). Currently my organization has sold nearly $100,000. and all I've earned is $1600. I continue to listen to calls where, inevitably, I hear 'top earners' like Dr Scott Elliot, Michael Rutherford, etc.. claim 'our company pays back .70 cents out of every dollar to agents!!' On top of those claims, recently there's been a HUGE push to sell *agents only* a Facebook product called mSocial ($149. set-up fee) that cost $39.95 A MONTH (all the while they say it is commissionable - for exactly whom I wonder?) iZigg's official basis for this necessity for us of course is that it will help small businesses by allowing them to monetize their social media (months after 'some' agents originally paid for this I doubt it has even made Izigg enough to cover cost of development - and to date 'zero' small businesses are using it because it still isn't available to small businesses). Now I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems to me we have a money racket going here, where a huge majority of sales come from agency and autoship purchases instead of real retail product sales in the marketplace. The technology is out-of-site and the branding is drop dead sexy, people, that said, iZigg is getting filthy rich based on the sales of your agency and autoship. In February 2011 Brian Underwood and Dave Liniado told us what the ratio between agency purchases and retail was. They said retail sales accounted for 60% of all money made. Now, knowing what I've experienced, I wonder if they were including agent autoships or just flat out lying.... and how much worse it's gotten. Am I just another gullible and disgruntled man playing victim to just another MLM or do I justifiably have cause in raising a flag? Either way, if you're familiar with the FTC's case against Burn Lounge and you've read the recent Federal Court's ruling in that case...... you have to admit the similarities are scary for the average American looking to earn extra income.
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I'm so grateful that I haven't had any bad experiences in my 45 years with Shaklee. I never needed to look for another company because they never have made pie in the sky claims or false promises.

I have made good money working only part time and we have an impeccable record.

If you want to know more please email me at theabrams1@***.com with your phone number, time zone and best time to call.

I promise I won't ask you for a credit card I will just take a few minutes to see if there could even be a fit. Takes around 10 minutes.


wow, Im sorry that you ahve had a bad experience. I have been in business for myself for 30+ years and I have never found such a wonderful tool for marketing with such a high ROI. I too signed up as an agent - but have not had time to really sell it - but as a consumer I love it and it has paid for itself over and over again.


Another ponzi scheme, it's legal because they sell a product. Please filter this through your brains...


Funny, I have worked here only a month and have deposited more than $1600 into my bank and have made over 3k! This guy is not telling the truth!

He probably trying to sell you something else. The management has been great!


this doesn't work this way!! flooding the market with crazy high prices because it has been diluted way down from the initial provider to this *** from izigg and then the pawns* you guys the sales force. the packages are bull$%^ crazy high prices with no added value the sales force cant sell because it has been diluted so much that the prices are to crazy and single owner of a small pizza shop can't afford even 100.00 if is not bringing a ROI*** izigg sux


Sorry about your experience with Izigg. Thanks for sharing.

It is hard to find a good company. I have been in MLM for years.

I would like to you about a company that is backed by the Direct Sales Association and 2 well known doctors. Email me info@***.com


I paid over $1000 for a ValPak coupon and I only got 3 coupons back. A big waste of money.

I pay $99 per month for iZigg and our sales are up by over 40%. The support from James Chapman has been outstanding.

He's helped us with our strategy and we're seeing a 20%+ redemption rate on our mobile offers. iZigg has made a huge difference in our bottom line.


i feel that they are making more money off their agents in the initial period as it takes at least 6 month to really have a database marketing campaign of any kind. so if your prices are very high as a izigg agent because their pricing is high your chances of success are limited. a customer won't invest 1500 a month for 6 months to succeed if the initial 5 months the ROI doesn't add up this means customer attrition and a bad name to marketing field.


I am a business Owner and paid $2700 for an unlimited platform. I own a Sports bar in Dallas, and our Business is up 39% over 5 months.

Businesses need to understand that advertising on T.V., Radio, and Print is all a waste of money because of DVRs, Sirius Radio, and people on Ipads. I took a chance on Mobile, and it is paying Dividends. All the College Kids and Young professionals are glued to their *** Cell Phones.

My wife is using part of my unlimited platform for her Animal Rescue organization. I do not really care about iZigg, but I do thank them for the Technology they offered us, we were struggling with so much competition in the DFW Metroplex.


what if you could had that for 1500 what would you do with the rest ??? invest it in radio tv or print??? a event??? by charging over the market value in the industry what they are doing is making business like your self cut short their marketing budget. and killing both media and mobile marketing in the process.

if the price was more reasonable and you could afford the same M/platform and have an extra 1000 to sponsor an event or get some ros on your local radio or even have extra money to do a giveaway don't you think that it might be instead of 39% it could had been 59% think about that!!!

not following?

please check their pricing and compare in the industry

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False promise about money-making opportunity

Hi--- I'm writing to report fraud by the name of a company named Izigg. They are a MLM company that markets text message marketing. A few months ago I went to a meeting and was told, "Every business that sees this signs up for it." I was also told, "Any time you need help from us, call us and we're here for you." Complete lies. I showed this to at least 100 businesses.  Not a single one joined.  And I've been in sales over 16 years, mostly selling advertising, so I'm not an ***.  Nothing. And, I contacted my up-line MANY times and they NEVER contacted me back. Never. At least 3 different guys. Didn't get ONE return phone call or email. And yet, I went to meeting after meeting after meeting and every time, they said, "If you need our help, we're ALWAYS there for you.." Complete and total lie. They also repeated the lie "Every business we show this to signs up." Since there is no phone number for the corporate office that I know of, I emailed the CEO asking for help. His secretary had some guy call me that sounded like he couldn't care less. When I asked him for help, he refused. Also, I told the guy that signed me up, "I have ZERO warm market and I do everything by phone and that I didn't even OWN a cell phone or car."  He said it was no problem.  And yet, after I signed up and went to meetings, all I heard was, "This only really works if you have a warm market and/or go out and call on businesses personally.  Doesn't work cold-calling on the phone. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what I was told before they got my money from me. I asked for a refund and they ignored me. They stole $450 from me and I want to stop them from stealing from others. Do not believe their blatant lies.
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Thanks for the posting. I was looking at signing up but opted not to after reading all this.

I am in Canada and stumbled upon click2text Inc unfortunately they are only in Canada at the moment.

I spoke to the guys there and all i can say is its nothing less than perfect. Am not here to bash anyone or company but lets all do our homework it pays off in the end.


Brian Underwood (izigg) and Alex Arnold (Burnlounge), good friends and crooks.

Izigg, as many other MLM's.. all smoke n' mirrors just like the people who start them.

Yes some have made money but that will be a small %. Brian Underwood is a MASTER at manipulation and can sell anything to anyone especially the weak minded(and sadly there are a lot). Go where the eyeballs are and take a good look before drinking the cool aide. :upset


How can you run an honest business with out a corporate phone number and cs department (your in technology for crying out loud)? That in itself is a red flag.


I was in Izigg early on and became frustrated over and over because I could not get any support when I had questions and when a few people I had recruited could not get support. The idea was clever but looking back, I fell into all the hype.

I heard BU is starting another company. Does anyone know if this is true and if so, what kind of MLM company is he getting involved with this time?


Yep, truth (that which is absent of intent to deceive) is very hard to find these days, most everywhere, and people will say, "Well that's business". But it doesn't need to be this way.

I completely agree with the perceptions of iZigg that everyone seems to express. I have been involved since it began... and, Yes, even paid another $450 this year, 2013. Equally, as has been stated above and below, the tech support is horribly lacking if it were to support actual customers/endusers of the system.

Thing is, the concept is absolutely brilliant, and the 90210 short code rules, but... I came in at the inception. The technology life cycle has been tough. I, too, have shown this to potential customers, but things are moving too fast, people won't listen long enough to understand how it works, and, in general, people don't want to participate in the development of their businesses like they really need to now; so people don't buy.

I've driven around promoting my own business in the last three years and only 3 people have txtd me to the 90210 number. I had a great company interested in learning about and checking out the product/service and I couldn't get any big wiggs on the phone with the top person (prospective client) I have not and do not participate in the hype, and, yes, that is exactly what it is. I've build websites and executed various campaigns to get this out (1,000s of dollars) and nothing. I've tried to give the service away, but the prospective clients end their interest when I try to get tech support on the line, to explain how they support the service.

Yes, BU has started another, quite brilliant company called Rippln and he's using the iZigg network to launch it -- mind boggling. I'm thinking they BU may be trying to make up the losses of those who have been loyal to iZigg's evolution. In the three years I've been involved, independently, at only one time did they make an attempt at customer promotion -- every other promotion has been about recruiting more Platinum Agents, etc, etc. There has recently been a new mobi site function, but I as an independent rep haven't been offered one -- I think I would have to pay for it to get it -- not really sure.

I don't think I've been scammed, and I don't think there initially was any intention to scam anyone, but... the launch of Canada a while back was probably to move into a market where people were clueless of what hasn't really worked. Could it work, I think so. Will I be renewing my agency in 2014 -- probably, if they're still in existence.

Regardless of their MLM business model, I'd say iZigg as a whole has deceived others for the last 1.5 years to simply keep the gravy train coming in, which has made the top seven guys alot better off than they were when they started.

For me, $1,350 over and my time and resource investment has truly been worthwhile, and a minimal cost. Is Rippln going to work -- It's a GREAT idea, we'll see; it hasn't cost me anything, yet.


I am not sure why you would have an agency of 58 do this program. It was never intended for something like that.

Also in response to the original discussion, if you really had been in sales for that long you would know that with any business walking up to someone and shaking their hand is the best way to conduct business. Period.


Its working for me and my whole team. im there for them. nickyg to 90210


until some else do exactly the same 50% less expensive.. then what?


I am curious to see how this article finalizes. i am researching to invest in izigg and all i have seen are really opinions.

the basis of this article catches me as "lazy salesman" syndrome vs. a bad product. what are some valid points against izigg? the owners?

have they been challenged with izigg or is this just past?

does the product suck? please provide proof not opinions.


the business model that they have its not supposed to run that way they get thei money from their "agents" collect their money and send the on a wild goose hunt why???? becasu their pricing is about 50% over the market value so that you can make money but!!!

wait if you cant sell it because its to expensive then you wont sale but mmmmmm wait i paid $$$$ to become an agent.... ohhh lemme call ------------- dead signal !!! the system works its awsome just izigg its not the correct medium to get the services from...

look up other businesses that do the same and offer better prices and added value and to the pepole selling it dont buy any membership or initiation fee !!! your investment wont come back as your small customers wont have the budget to have a 6 month campaign and will try it for 2 months and quit!!

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