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I went to a Iwireless store in Davenport IA. to take advantage of a new plan. Thoroughly went through the costs with the Iwireless representative, I told him I want no surprises on the costs. I was told that my costs would only increase about $3.00 per month. When I got my first bill and it had increased by $ 23.00 I called customer service. This was there response "we are sorry sir, but you were misquoted". I guess I should of got the quote in...
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I had a Samsung Phone 2 contracts ago that in the entire 2 years I had it would not work in Iowa City.I complained every month. When my contract was up they gave me a $300 credit and I paid half the cost of 3 new Moto Gs up front and the rest was on my monthly bill. This time around they offer new customers the same phone I got for free when I complained I was basically told tough. Of course if you cancel your contract they threaten you with bad...
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ICalled to cancel service on my I wireless phone.I was unable to speak with live person. I had to contact Kroger corporate. I encountered a person (with attitude)at I wireless who wanted to know why I wanted to cancel. I explained that I no longer needed their services. I advised the representative that I wanted my credit card removed from their file. She stated that there was no credit card on file, but could not explain how I was being charged...
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Iwireless Mobile Phone Service Review

This company absolutely stinks! Ive had numerous people try to call me and couldnt even get through or leave a message. Cussed out their reps for all of the poor service or no service i paid for and couldnt get a credit or a refund!! Sad i wouldnt recommend this company to anyone and Ive told about 50 people now about what has happened to me. Own up to your service people pay for!!