These people send you messages (they claim others sent it to you) and they charge you for them. About 1 dollar each. They Charge you 1 peso each time you call voice mail by accident - weather you do it or not they charge you for min 5 plus each month. They charge you extra for calls included in your plan. Their game is to give you a plan and charge you about 400 more pesos each month weather or not these charges are legal or not. They are not to...
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Ex-pat Absolutely correct! IUsacel and its companion in crime, Unefon, are 100% thieves. They publish rates which DO NOT EXIST!
Eg: they state that the rates to Caribbean islands ...

The cell phone service provider from Mexico Iusacell, will not stop charging my credit card, even when i have cancelled my service with them. This is not the first time this happens with this company, one of it affiliates, UNEFON is still charging my debit card, even when the pone line was not contracted by me, and they ask me for a contract that i did not sign. This company sucks, they always charged me a lot more every month for time or...
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I have been travelling since Croatia, London, Porto Alegre, and now Mexico. I got to MX City yesterday, and tried to buy a microsim card for my Siii galaxy. First, the lady tried to insert a normal simcard, then changed to a micro one. Then, the microsim card would not be recognyzed by my phone. By then, I already paid and signed some papers, in the total of 580 MX Pesos. I was asked if the phone would be unlocked, I said yes. Several attempts,...
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alvesjorge Just to update. Obviously for someone that passes through during a week or so, there is not much one can do. I had to take it, but here is a warning on these people. IUSACELL...

If you ever move to Mexico, don't ever get Iusacell as your cell phone provider!!! I have been with them for a year and a half and literally every single day, their network fails!!!! I can't connect to the Internet or make phone calls. I called to cancel and since I am looked up in a two year contract, these ignorants want to charge me $2,400 dollars! Yes! You read it right! Dollars to cancel their rip off service. They are a rip kff and the...
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