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I started taking the Hair Nail Skin product and had reactions to the Biotin.No where on the product information does it state that there is the possibility, or what some of the reactions might be or what you can do that might help prevent them or ease them. I called to...
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I started this product for a friend who needed some help with her business.I started taking them as the directions said and usually within thirty minutes after taking them I would get very nauseous and/or throw it up. I tried it with food, shakes, everything and I...
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I didn't like
  • Misleading results and misleading customer requirements
  • Poor product quality and overpaying for below standard product
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I tried this product for my friend.Wish i would of never did that! You can get the same hair skin and nails at walmart for 6$ same exact stuff! I told my distrubiter i wouldnt be able to pay for my 2nd month because were moving and i would rather spend 40$ towards my...
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It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplement Review

I had a reaction to their vitamins and was also sucked into purchasing 3 months of merchandise or get charged a 50.00 fee. Unbelievable. I am so pissed and feel like I was taken. Never again!
I tried the hair skin nails and once i relized it wasnt helping my skin butmaking it worse due to its intreactions with my migraine medicine (which is medically used an antidepressant). It said i had to get a note from a doctor in order to stop the *3 month trial &...
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