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I started this product for a friend who needed some help with her business.I started taking them as the directions said and usually within thirty minutes after taking them I would get very nauseous and/or throw it up. I tried it with food, shakes, everything and I would still get sick. The worst part is, I called the company to let them know and that I would be returning my unopened box and wanted a refund, but I would pay for the one I did use....
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I didn't like
  • Misleading results and misleading customer requirements
  • Poor product quality and overpaying for below standard product
I tried this product for my friend.Wish i would of never did that! You can get the same hair skin and nails at walmart for 6$ same exact stuff! I told my distrubiter i wouldnt be able to pay for my 2nd month because were moving and i would rather spend 40$ towards my house... she then stated it came out of her account.. you should be able to cancel without paying 50$. ItWorks is A HUGE SCAM!!! DO NOT BUY IT!!UNLESS YOU WANT TO WASTE MONEY!!
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I tried the hair skin nails and once i relized it wasnt helping my skin butmaking it worse due to its intreactions with my migraine medicine (which is medically used an antidepressant). It said i had to get a note from a doctor in order to stop the *3 month trial & stop receiving the product. Since i cant afford to get a doctors note &thats the only way out of the program. You should be able to opt out .
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It Works Hair Skin Nails Supplement Review

I had a reaction to their vitamins and was also sucked into purchasing 3 months of merchandise or get charged a 50.00 fee. Unbelievable. I am so pissed and feel like I was taken. Never again!