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It Works Fat fighter ... Doesn't work .. I suffered terrible painful bloating from taking these pills. Went to my Gastro Dr. and she said the pills a are nothing but fiber pills..she also told my I had an ulcer and to stay away from wheat/whey based products, which these are!! I was miserable for 2 -3 weeks until I got them out of my system. To top it off, I still had to buy something for the next 2 months and I wasn't taking anything from...
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Anonymous you need call your rep she could have stopped you shippment
I have had my stopped several times so someone screwed you not company

I was introduced to It Works by the Pilates instructor at my gym. She is a distributor and I, mistakenly, thought I could trust her. She told me the Fat Fighter works so I decided to try it. It does NOT work! Waste of money! For my second auto shipment I ordered WOW, a serum that is supposed to temporarily tighten skin. I had an allergic reaction and ended up with red, runny eyes. In addition, I was sent a second bottle of Fat Fighter when I did...
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Anonymous I'm curious as to what you expected the Fat Fighters (Fat Burners) to do?
Also, sorry to hear about the WOW issue. As a distributor, I would have offered to replace the it...


Anonymous This is an example of bad customer service on the distributors part. Not at all the fault of the company. she should have better informed the customer before taking their mone...

I didn't like
  • Deception
  • Take your money but do not fullfill their commitment