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So, they had this sale going on, buy 1 get 1 free (wrap) and I decided to get it with a gel product for my stretch marks.Well, later i found out that they took $119 out of my bank account AGAIN! I didnt even order anything this time! They said, I'd have to pay $119 for their product every month and can only cancel it on the 3rd month with a $50 cancellation fee! WTF!? They freakin took money out of MY ACCOUNT without letting me know! I never...
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Anonymous It sounds like when you went to purchase your first order, you signed up to get the Loyal Customer pricing, without reading what the Loyal Customer agreement entails. You must...


Anonymous Were you working with a specific distributor or did you just do it on your own? Unless you checked auto ship at sign up you would not be considered as loyal customer and woul...