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Liars! Told me they were calling on behalf of AT&T.

Have called me twice now, most recent 04/12/11. Claim they were calling on behalf of AT&T to correct a billing error that involved thousands of customers. Since there were so many customers AT&T had to get a 3rd party involved to correct. There was no billing error and luckily I did not fall for it. Shady people. Be very careful and listen because they will mention ISI will now be your carrier. Every time I questioned the "ISI" mention I was told that was the plan to get me back to the plan I had with AT&T before the billing error.
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map-marker Portland, Oregon

ISI Scam They tried to tell me my long distance was changing and convert me to a new service.

ISI contacted me on my business phone to tell me the long distance provider was raising rates.She said I needed to combine accounts to one bill because of this to save money. I started to ask her what company she was with she told me ISI. I started to tell her how some of her information sounds incorrect (since i don't handle the phone bill) and how i get calls all the time that are apparently scams to get your service changed and she hung up. Ignore any request to talk about your phone service. If they can't leave a number to call them back there must be something wrong.
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A Ted Barlow if ISI just tried to "save" us money on our long distnace and when he realized his phony sales pitch wasn't going anywhere he gave an evil little laugh and hung up. Completely unprofessional nd crude.


I work for ISI and i dont think its a scam. It is a legitamate long distance company just trying to provide a cheaper rate for your telecommunication service.

with all the scams going around I understand all the skepticism associated with our company because we do business over the phone and we aren't widely known like some of the other telephone companies. We are licensed by the FCC and the PUC and just offering competitive rates for small businesses and residential.It is unfortunate that unprofessionalism that was demonstrated has caused potential clients to feel that we are a scam.Everything that we are offering is exactly the service that our clients will recieve.


Isn't it sad that corporations are so desperate for business they scam people over and over again. It is even sadder that people who know what they are doing is wrong are so desperate to earn our supposed "right to life" that they find themselves hating to go to work.

Seems to me that we are on the *** of an economic implosion - no, we are in the middle of it. May we cross this bridge to ever after soon and enter the new paradigm of abundance for all.


I also work for ISI. I feel bad for this too. I hate coming to work, and i hate making these calls. But I need the job as well. This company is bs and a waste of everyones time. when someone isnt interested, we're told to disposition the call as not interested. but i dont see the point, because they just recycle everything back into our dialer system to be called again.

and one thing people would not like to hear but need to...

if you have a business and you say your business number is on the Do Not Call List. To be quite honest, the business do not call lists have no legality. So even if your business is on the list, the only way a soliciting company has to put you on do not call, is if its a residence. only residential and cell phone do not call lists are legalized under state and federal laws.

...not businesses.


Well I work for ISI and I am apologizing for scamming everyone. Sometimes I feel so bad about the lies I just hang up on my customer.

I can't do this much longer but I need the job. Please understand.

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