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Groupon - IRola DX758 Pro
Purchased 4 from Groupon last year as a Christmas present for grandchildren ages 4-9 years of age.Three encountered cracked screens within a week.The last turns on to start up screen but does not turn off.Children were disappointed as they looked forward to having...
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Anonymous I also purchased one of these. It came in the wrong color decided to just keep it. I then turned it on to charge for my grand daughter and it did not work. I sent it back k...

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Groupon - Fire Hazard!
Our daughter's tablet has been a hunk of junk since she we bought it! We have not ordered anything from Groupon since purchasing the bad tablet. It stopped working in less than two months. She set it on our dining room table… NOW, the battery has swollen to 5 times the...
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I didn't like
  • Being sold shoddy equipment
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My children both received tablets for Christmas and neither one works very well. The tablets will shut off unexpectedly and will take 10 minutes to come back on. The chargers don't fit properly. My children are very upset because they can't play their games. I am very...
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This company is a JOKe Run don;t walk from iROLA DX752 Product.The worst customer service ever seen.They say customer service is their goal.hay wanted to sell me a charger for a defective product and she even said she seen that before.Unreal shI offered to send the...
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