Free Adwords, bing : joke Dedicated server: joke Uptime: joke Links: joke Skilled employees?: joke Do not go for it no matter how much it tries to lure you in The links to my site don't work ! Can you tell me how a website will work if it cannot be shared on social media. They tell me I will not receive a refund be cause my domain was 'free' lol Wasted time and effort Seriously don't go for it. The senior tech expert didn't know what to do with...
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I signed up for iPage's introductory term of $39.95 for two years. When it was time to renew, I NEVER received an email notifying me of the renewal but instead received a $480 deduction from my account. When I called to complain that I had not received notice of the renewal, the apologized and told me they would refund me the money. After a week, I still had not received a refund. When I called back, they told me that it is company policy to...
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I didn't like
  • Refund poicy
  • Billing service
  • Customer service
I recently had several calls from a business partner of iPage (Darnell Lewis Jr. WEBSITE SECURITY CONSULTANT from SiteLock) he informed me of a security breach that iPage had experienced. I was informed that after what they called a website scan done by iPage that they found files on my website that were infected by malware. I had not uploaded or done any modifications to my website ( in 6 years and found it odd that I now had...
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customer support Review

Can't contact support if you have a problem.

I have (had) two sites hosted on iPage. Take note that both site are running script directly installed through Mojo Market Place, one of them is Wordpress, another one is forum phpBB. During the hosting period, iPage suspended one of my site (the Wordpress), claimed that the site "contained malicious script", without giving any detail about it. They even block my access to the Control Panel, which mean I can't verify if there's malicious script,...
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a few years back i decided to try ipage. I did not like it so I stop paying and they told me they would cancel the service. I did not have to do anything since I assumed the deal was over. But now, after a few years, my credit card was charged without my consent by ipage. How is this possible if they canceled the service and I never renewed with them. Wells fargo credited the card for a few weeks, then the bank said that ipage showed the bank my...
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Anonymous The same happened to me at the same time. They faked a credit card info with my name. It is going to be to the police, I guess.


I registered for webhosting on 23th oct, 2015 for USD23.88, they auto renewed my service on 8th Oct, 2016 for USD155.40 (7 times more than last year amount) without any prior notice, even before 15 days before expiry. I live chat with them same day, they informed me they will refund. but they refunded me USD12.00 less. so I lost USD12.00 for no reason from my part. I will never use ipage service. so all of you please inform everyone you know...
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I didn't like
  • Overcharged on hosting on their own
  • Overcharged on domain one their own
Been using iPage for some time now and their sister company net firms. I am technically challenged and always get help from anyone I do biz with when it comes to anything related to websites and computers etc... The long of the short of it is I had a lot of domain names with privacy I purchased and although I did pay I did not receive. My privacy was compromised and basically they refused to reimburse me for the privacy I had paid for but did...
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I received emails from iPage, telling me that the credit card I had on file was not accepted and my account would automatically expire in May if I did not enter a new credit card with my account. I did not plan to renew, so I never updated my credit card information. Somehow, this company got my new credit card information and charged me $155. When I called, customer service lied to me and told me it was charged to the card they had on file,...
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I tried their service to register a domain name and to host a website a couple of years ago. I never used the service and after the initial period i went to my account and canceled it. Now a year later, they are saying i owe them a lot of money to renew and they never got some follow up email verifying i wanted to cancel my account. Since they make you file a credit card with them when you join i have told them repeatedly they best not charge...
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I got their "essentials" plan for under $50, but to renew, it's nearly $300! I was happy with their servers (they're usually up, and relatively fast), bu not THAT impressed. The real kicker is when I went to back up my sites and move to a different host, I found out I have to pay an additional $12.95 for an auto-backup. Seriously?! So I will now tediously back up everything manually and move to a different host. Yay. I am grateful that I...
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I liked
  • Website uptime and speed
I didn't like
  • Price gouging