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auto upgrade to version 16 recently What mess. Won`t load, freezes, loads of error windows which are unresponsive. Have tried to advise their customer support centre, but they say my log in details are wrong,,,I HAVE NOT CHANGED MY USER NAME OR PASSWORD SINCE 2014. The new temporary password and the same error page keeps re appearing each time you attempt to log in. I am paid up to August 2017. So it seems I will have to put up with this shoddy...
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I liked
  • I liked system mechanics when i was able to read the screen
I didn't like
  • Cannot get rid of the popup sales pitch
I recently upgraded from 15.5 to 16.I expected to see an improved product. To my surprise and disgust, the most useful tools in the product have been removed. It is a scaled down, dumbed down version of their previous product. The most useful tool was their registry compactor and it no longer exists in version 16. it is gone. One category of tools labeled "Manage" used to contain 5 or so system management tools. It now contains 1 and it takes...
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unsigned Totally agree. Version 16.x is a complete piece of ***. After upgrading, I felt like the interface was re-designed for a 6th grader, especially given the features that disappe...


Anonymous Hi, I fully agree with you.
Version 16 is a big disappointment. Iolo is just taking functionality away, version by version. The first major 'take-away' was the Windows XP t...

I didn't like
  • Does not load on win32 laptop
  • Contains half the functionality it used to