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Anyway on 3/08/16 i purchased a intex 22in highrise air bed and about 6 more items from walmart and i purchased the 2yr. Protection plan with the mattress alright 2 make a long story short the protection plan was suppose 2 cover virtually everything from normal wear and i asked what about punture holes and the salman told me everything as long as if its within the 2yr purechase frame so some times in may i starting noticig my bed wasnt holding...
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LadyScot I refuse to read stuff like this.


Anonymous I cannot read this run-on sentence.

just 2 b turned down now i sent them a copy of my rceipt twice and they told me that they dont honor a mattress thats seping air but i wasnt told that when i purchased the item in wich i think i was overcharged for it in the beginning now the mattress is the queen size dura beam mattress series i was charged $74 for it but 2day i c the same mattress going for about $48now thats sound more like the reason they dont cover it now i sent them the...
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Intex Comfort-Plush Elevated Airbed (Queen) w/ Built-In Pump Item: 089W006681564001P Model # 64413E INTEX does not stand behind their warranty. Brand new out of the box item: 089W006681564001P has a leak. Box states product was tested and will 100% hold air. The catch, it doesn't state for how long... 6 hours and mine is flat on the ground. Manager said, "pin holes happen" and started telling me about dishonest customers and how it is a...
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I didn't like
  • Being able to use it while i paid premium price for this