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Dear, What is the matter with Aryna Sabalenka anyway? Is she suffering from severe pains in the shoulders or legs? Does she have mental problems? Every time I see and especially hear her play tennis I think she has serious problems. The decibels of her cries during tennis exceed those of the audience. I am annoyed to death by her wailing and her mumbling and then I am lucky enough to be able to turn down the sound on my TV. How bad that must be for the audience and especially for the detractors. I think with her raucous screaming she wants to intimidate the opponent and bring them out of concentration. If she harnessed the energy she puts into that in her tennis game, she would certainly have won the US Open. I find her shouting downright disgusting and presumptuous. It should be banned by the tennis federation. I really have no desire to listen to that person's screaming anymore and refuse to watch any of this woman's matches from now on. And I think many tennis fans will agree with me. Kind regards. Eric Henrotay Belgium
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