I am so over dealing with these jerks that I could spit tacks. I continue to receive letters from this place listed in Kansas City stating that I have won millions of dollars. I played along with them and followed their instructions and even sent them 12$ because I wanted to prove a point. Well I did. I have written to them so many times explaining that I know they are scamming people, etc. However, they continue to send me letters telling me how close I am to winning. They even stated that my answer to their puzzle was incorrect but despite that they would consider me a winner if I just send them their $20 processing fee. I don't know if anyone actually believes them but I cannot understand why they persist. I have even told them I have sent all of my information to the FBI and yet they continue to include me in their games. I am to the point now that I want to just do something to stop them. I would be willing to travel to Kansas City and deal with them person to person. I am a nobody and am powerless but isn't there someone or something that can be done about these idiots? I am willing to dedicate my time to this cause if someone can tell me how to do this. They should be arrested and jailed. They got $12 from me but I was just playing with them to get information. Some people on fixed incomes see their work and think this will save their life. They are stealing from these people. I CANNOT JUST SIT AROUND AND LET THIS HAPPEN! If anyone would like to get together and fight them as a group please contact me at this email: bbctcher@***.com. They need to be stopped.
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Not as described/ advertised
Weaver T Wxf
map-marker Pasadena, California

Award Account Notification $2,500,000.00

This is a notification letter I received in the US Mail on 8 Nov. 2010. It alludes to a $2.5 million prize, however, it does so in very convoluted language. While it is difficult to understand, it only implies that I have won anything. It requires a very good understanding of the English language, and a very close examination of the wording, but in the end it does not quite say that I have won anything. Companies like this tend to prey on the lesser educated in society, those who might not be able to understand the odd wording of this notification. While it is not illegal, it is still a scam, and the best rule of thumb is: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
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Amonte Oyw
map-marker Columbia, South Carolina

Sent me a paper stating that i won money and wanted me to send them 20 dollars and called me wanting

they are ripping people off, they called me wanting to get my debit info and they sent me a paper stating i had won money and was wanting 20 dollars from me and just kept pushing and pushing and i think everyone should know that they are just scamming people out of their money and they should be arrested or something done to them for taking older peoples money and then not sending them nothing in return....why dont the goverment or the law put a stop to it.. for the only ones who are getting millions are the ones who are ripping people off
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i was almost scam by these people intill i looked up there site and found out that it was a scam

map-marker Greensboro, North Carolina

I rec'd award letter that I won $2,500,000

I rec'd a letter saying I had won a big prize & they wanted $20 process fee..for a prize of $2,500,000. They did not say who was awarding the prize, but said they represent many sweepstakes companies. I am reporting it to NY Attorney General & want all who rec'd the same letter, to do the same. That is where the letter was from. It is time these thieves are put away, behind bars. If they send this to 1000's of people, & half respond, look how much they are stealing? They target Senior citizens & people in need. They are parasites.
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Yes I have received a letter also . I'm from WV .

Think the postal sevice would be the ones to contact and also the police . I would like to nail them to the wall .

Person signed Carol Walker . :( It's time for jail )

map-marker High Springs, Florida

Intternational Award Advisory

Once again with in a two week period I've gotten another scam letter this one from the International Award Advisory P.O. Box 8050 Huntington Station, New York 11746-**** This one claims that they have $2.5 Mil. for me but I must send 20.00 to pay Processing fee. These people know times are tuff all over and play to the desire to win something big. If only a small percentage of the people respond these people still make one heck of alot of money and they try to target the older people that don't have access to the net to check scams like this out please don't be fooled by these people it you have to send money or personal information and you don't know who the people are don't do it.
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vi ho mandato gli assegni ben 2 da 19.99 e 29.99 euro e non ho ricevuto nulla


If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn't!!!


:( Intternational Award Advisory suck big fat ***!!!!!!!!!! hurting people they need to be bent over sink an f---ed in the *** with a broken bottom or taken out an set on fire with gas even thats to good for them.people are hurting anoff they dont need to hurt more. from MAD AS *** H---.


i got one,to today i thank for the internet to i chek today yours leathers end i thank you for thys comments that save me $20.00 i orede sent $20.00 last yahre end wot i got nating thys people supostu gow to geale for stolen mony from as do sambary gone do samting weth dys synclerly yours aniela


I received a letter, from IAA, saying that I was a winner of 2,500,000,00 dollars on November 30,2010 AT 4:00 pm that day this letter said to send $20.00, and I would receive winnings of this amount. I did not send in the $20.00.

I looked first on the internet, and I'm so glad I did. This isn't right. It does get peoples hopes up when they really do need the money. This company, does need to be reported, and something needs to be done right away.

They won't keep getting by with it. What goes around, comes around. You don't hurt people like that, and get by with it.

People, don't you have a heart?????????? :upset


If someone wants you to send them money to get money, if its from international award advisory or west bubble fu@#%. Don't beleive the hype if sounds to good then it ain't.

They tried me and I just sent them a letter stating to take it out of my winnings. You know I'm not getting a response, but at less they know, I'm not the one sucker!


I too received notification that I was "Eligible" to receive $2.5 million. That's the twisst.

On IAA's Officla document, it clearly states the persons "Elibility", not Winner.

Don't let anyone fall for these scammers. Report them to the NY Attorney General's office.


Just received the same letter. Why would you have to pay a processing fee for something that you won.


Well this is what happened I read the sheet it said that you have to pay 20$ and at that time I said this has to be a scam everyone who has this letter dont sign or send it because its a SCAM!!!!!!!


I recive letter on November 20 ,and people soon as I see that letter and they asking for $20 procesing fee pay cash ,money order I know on that moment is scam because they ask for cash payment For procesing fee. So everybody carefull it is a SCAM jipeople. Thanks

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Robert B Bur
map-marker Salt Lake City, Utah

International Award Advisors

July 9, 2010 I got my document for this company but I decided to check it out on the Internet beacuase I was previously scammed by a company in Canada for $2350 dollars. Thank goodness there are people who have complained about these scammers I did not *** at this scam again this was you have won $2.5 Million dollars and all you have to give to get it is send $20. Infact I got 2 in one day I will post that next. So I can expose both of them. Robert Blomquist 81 West Wasatch Street Midvale, Utah 84047
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I recvd the letter as well $2.5 Mil once a $20 processing fee is mail back. People pls.

don't be fool!!

Free monies or any other gimmicks that require you to pay or purchase items are scams. Scammers are idiots by spending money to mail letters, when the internet is here and people can check how legit it is.

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