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Incompetent auto service

While on an RV trip across the country, our truck stopped running on the interstate 3 exits from the Jantzen Beach RV Park -- my roadside service directed me to Integrity Auto, where I spoke with "Mike" about the problem. He assured me over the phone that this was something he could take care of (probably electrical), and told me to have the vehicle towed to him. I did (and in the meantime called my regular mechanic in LA, who suggested it sounded like an air compressor and a thrown belt). The next morning, I called Mike and told him the other mechanic's suggestion -- he said he would look into it. The next day, he told me that it was not the air compressor, but that my entire engine had seized and needed replaced. He said he was going to pull my spark plugs in one last effort to double check it, but that this repair was beyond his abilities and he was going to need to send me to someone else. He did not document anything, gave me no paperwork regarding his assessment, and left my truck in the parking lot. After a few days of dealing with the shop he referred me to, I decided I did not like the vibe (nor the fact that "David" wanted me to pay him $4500 in cash up front to order me a rebuilt engine). So I found a Ford dealership that could replace the engine and had the truck towed to them. The next morning, Jake Steele called and asked me who exactly had told me my engine was seized and needed to be replaced. I said it was the mechanic on Hayden Island. He told me no, it was the air compressor and a thrown belt. I got the truck repaired and continued on. All was fine until Racine WI, when the truck suddenly threw a spark plug. The very nice and knowledgeable guys at Don's Auto told me that someone had pulled the spark plugs and then jammed them back in in such a way that it got metal shavings in the head of the engine (and they showed me the pile of shavings). They ended up having to rebuild the head, at a cost of $2200 (and a total loss of nearly 2 weeks time, between the delay in Portland and the delay in Wisconsin). When I explained the previous repairs, they said it was most likely caused by the mechanic in Hayden Island. I called Mike at "Integrity Auto" to discuss the fact that the last thing he told me he was going to do to my engine (before he bailed on the truck altogether) was to pull my spark plugs. His response was, "I never pulled your spark plugs. And you show me an invoice that says I did." Then he hung up on me. I was flabbergasted and thought to myself, "Of course I have no invoice showing you did this. You didn't keep records and nothing about how you handled my vehicle was done like a reputable shop." Integrity auto, my butt.
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