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Reality check to balance out happy-gas reviews

In my experience, I took the course in the early-mid 90s. My handler did nothing but criticize without offering suggestions on improvement or anything constructive. The names of some characters in one story were termed too similar and confusing, although it was nothing different than what Beatrix Potter had used, leading me to doubt my instructors credentials, and an article on an animal was termed an infomercial without any thoughts on improvement. I gave up and stopped submitting, and no-one from the Institute ever tried to contact me as to why. Once they had my tuition in full, what did they care if I continued or not. I consider them to be a scam.
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A review 25 years later isn't helpful at all.

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This outfit has me on their automatic call list. THey call me at least 3 - 4 times a day even after I am registered with the federal do not call list. lHow can I get them to stop calling

They need to stop calling my phone number. I am registered with the federal do not call list, but they call 3 - 4 times a day. It is very annoying. How can I get them to stop calling my number.
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Maggie S Var
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Loved it!

I enrolled in The Institute of Children's Literature in August 1987 through November 1989. I liked having the writing prompts and my instructor's feedback with suggested ways to improve my practice work. Contrary to popular belief, for me, getting started was not difficult, and my writing journey under the tutelage of several fine instructors was enjoyable and worthwhile. Everything I learned with The Institute supported me in my late-life career as a reading and writing professor. Now that I am retired, I am looking forward to maybe signing up again; however, I am mostly interested in writing memoir-style stories. I have saved innumerable jottings over the years that will get me started. Thank you so very much for the wonderful instruction I received through enrolling in your writing program, which was, of course, pre-tech. We depended upon the USPS to move my writings and your commentary back and forth. I thank you and highly recommend The Institute of Children's Literature for any budding or not so budding writer. As an aside, I was not able to respond to several "Rate This Company" items because they did not exist when I took my writing course a hundred million years ago. :>)
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Purnell Gcb


I submitted a "aptitude test" online with the understanding I'd get a response within 1 business day. Well, it's been WEEKS and I received no response at all and I spent an hour or more taking the test in order to determine my placement level in their program. I emailed many times to get brushed off and it dawned on me that these company is most likely a predator seeking ideas for children's books. Mine happened to be a winner. I have copied my story (thank God) so that in the event I ever see it published I will sue the pants off of them. If their electronic records are subpoena'd, they will the have a problem and if they delete them they then have a problem. They prey on aspiring children's book writers for their own benefit. Sure, they may offer coursework, but I'm pretty intuitive and based on my present experience and why I have never heard back can only point to one reason. They plan to use my idea and do not want to acknowledge receipt of such, and think they can get away with it. When this truth comes out, thousands of people will surface and stem to whom they've done the same. Sorry folks, if you don't want your "Potential students" determining the worst about you, do what your supposed to do and follow-up on these tests that take time out of our lives to pursue what you present as a genuine "school." I do not but that anyone fails these tests and this is further demonstrated in various online forums. No one has yet stated openly that they failed one of your aptitude tests. You pass everyone and in the interim, you're looking for works from the most talented and imaginative writers not stopping to think for one minute students like me will copy what they wrote then copyright it. We are not all idiots and you will be out of business if I ever see my idea out there in a book.
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They do NOT steal story ideas and not everyone passes the aptitude test. I worked for them years ago.

Anyone with your share of confidence should just go ahead, write, learn to format, and send your story off to a publisher. Good Luck.


I worked for this organization and can tell you the likely hood that they are stealing your story is next to zero. They do not publish stories.

It is more likely they are swamped with applicants and running behind in determining your placement. It happened all the time when I worked there.

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