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I purchased a rust protection plan for my 2011 Subaru Forester when I purchased the car new. In 2016 I have rust on the tail gate and rust inside all 4 doors. I was told none of it is covered by this scam of a warranty. It is also not covered by Subaru. I have never seen so much rust on a car after 5 years. I can't say I would recommend a Subaru because this is not an acceptable amout of rust after such a short time. I do not recommend...
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when my car started vibrating in the front. They diagnosed bent rims and chipped tires, caused by the numerous potholes still left all over from a severe winter over a year ago. I spent six hours in the dealership while their representative dealt with IAS trying to get approval for the repair. He had to send photos 3 times. He emailed them first, as they had said. Then when he called back 90 minutes later, they told him he had to submit them...
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Innovative Aftermarket Systems Car Warranty Review

My experience was the opposite of these reviews. Within 24 hrs of picking up my new car I hit a pot hole. Not only did it tear the tire to shreds, it bent my 17" rim. The dealership replaced both with no hassle and towed me in.