Danil Cjs

Worthless Leads

Never purchase leads from infousa or infogroup they will say " Yes" to all your questions in order to sell you their worthless leads compiled from white pages, they will email you their 100 % satisfaction guarantee email in order to seal the deal. Unfortunately when u receive the leads they are nothing like they offered you, you end up paying thousands of dollars for worthless leads, and when you try to apply your 100% guarantee seal in order to get credits or your money back they will look the other way and steal your money. Stay away from these crooks they claim being in business for 40 years or more just to convince you they are the real deal, but they are nothing but a bunch of scammers. They used to be infousa, but they changed their name after thousands of complaints they received from angry customers. They claim their leads are opt in and qualified, but they use deceptive advertising to lure potential lead buyers into their bait and switch scheme. If you need decent leads you can buy them for lot less and better quality anywhere on the web. They have this main salesman Mr Brandon Murphy, a very shady character this crook will trade his wife for a night if necesary in order to close the deal. Make your own research on google and do your self a favor do not conduct any type of business with infogroup.
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