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Phone service outside united stTes

Could not understand person and could not get her to understand what I wanted. very disappointed and frustrated
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User's recommendation: dont expect much

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Avoid Infinity Internet in Vancouver, Wa & Portland, OR

Avoid Infinity Internet at all costs. We experienced the exact same treatment by this company as the previous posters. Hours on the phone, unreasonable terms, they will not accept emails and will not verify if they received faxes that are confirmed received, they will put you in contract terms without your permission, they will change your rates without permission, they will limit your your bandwidth without warning or permission, they will trap you in a month-to-month contract after your contract is up and require to send faxes they never acknowledge as received (even if they are received), they will put you on hold, transfer you all around the company to employees who can only make a "Ticket" to request someone who can help will call you back, raise your rates nearly 100% and impose "Evergreen" contract terms to force you into longer-term contracts, I could go on... All of this after many years of service. Our trouble began in asking for an alteration to our contract to allow for growth, we wanted to purchase additional services and they would not let us out of the smaller contract without penalties! I should also add that all of this faxing of cancellation notices 30 days prior to cancellation nonsense is directly addressed in an email sent to me months prior when our contract expired. The email states "I just wanted to let you know that we have your account on a month to month plan, and NOC confirmed it was reactivated as of yesterday afternoon. Since you are not on a contract, we will not keep a pending cancel order in our system. You can just contact us when you are ready to have it taken down." Luckily we have much better hosting and colocation options in Portland. Since our move we have had no downtime, better support, and clearly better customer service without all of the headaches and wasted time experienced at Infinity. I can not think of any company in 20 years of Information Service Management with customer service as poor as Infinity Internet. I hope this post will save others in my position the awful experience of trying to work with Infinity Internet. Perhaps they can use our experience as an example to augment their customer service prior to destroying its rapport with long standing, on-time customers; however, my experience suggests their poor treatment of customers will only get worse.
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