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This is unacceptable that a company like your delay more than 2 1/2 months our case. I had to go with my insurance, and they told me THAT'S INFINITY.... Infinity's customer got 2 tickets from the police, then the appraisal was lower than the damage and then Infinity did not pay.... Infinity told us that they can not pay yet because they can NOT GET IN CONTACT with the customer to ask him what happened...... this is very frustrating and also... Read more

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Absolutely horrific customer service is the absuloyte worse I ever experienced good luck getting them to take any fkn claims

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The worst experience ever. It was a hit and run. I suffered several herniated discs in my neck and was going to therapy. They made me meet with one of their chiropractors for 15 minutes who then decided it wasn't necessary for me to go to Therapy anymore and without adequate notification stopped coverage and sent me a verified letter about 3 weeks later. In addition, the woman who I worked with over the phone was extremely rude, challenging, and... Read more

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Customer service are very rude and the manager too. Was not happy with there service. It a scam. They rip me off and charging extra money without telling anyone they raise your insurance for no reason with no accident or anything. The manager told me the reason why is because they need money. I refuse to pay almost $400 a month on 2 not full coverage that only have pip on both old vehicles with good driving record. Dont come with them unless you... Read more

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Worst insurance carrier I was rear ended and my car still has not been fixed. My adjuster Ronald Han is the worst and his supervisor Carmen brown is even worse she hasn't even returned my calls. My car has just been sitting on my drive way and they didn't even get me a form to get around from home to work. Highly disappointed. Read more

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Poor customer service...unprofessional disrespectful company to be dealing with especially with a free quote!!!

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Well I was involved in an accident where I got broadsided called the agent or the I guess the person that does the claims and I called him nine times nine 3 return calls in a month call his boss three times no return call although the adjuster did call me back three out of the nine times

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It all started 7-16-16,when i received my vehicle insurance renewal notice yearly. So I waited a couple of weeks before I decided to pay my renewal bill because they have been going up on my policy every year anyway. So i paid the renewal bill on 7-24-16, right? They call me and ask me was I gonna pay my renewal bill, I ask them did you get the payment, they said no, So I go and buy another money order on 8-5-16, and mailed that off. A friend of... Read more

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Infinity insurance is the worst insurance company I have ever known don't ever get infinity insurance and don't ever get mad about a coaster for your insurance adjuster they are absolutely horrible I have been going through almost 5 months now I've not been reimbursed from my stolen vehicle that was totaled while I was paying my insurance to them they are God awful and if you get in an accident they will not take care you and also just remember... Read more

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Infinity insurance is the worst insurance company I have ever had there a huge scam my vehicle that I had insured with infinity was stolen over four months ago and totaled I have yet to see one dime from infinity insurance company because they keep going round and round in this circus that is not get need my money but keep saying they keep saying the same thing big nor my calls every time I ask for a supervisor they just keep me on hold until I... Read more

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