map-marker Antioch, California

Comment-cannot hear announcers

Was looking forward to Indy race today. All I got was engine chatter and rare moments where I could hear the announcers. If i turn it up to hear announcers the engine noise gives me a headache. I dont understand. Going back to Formula 1 or Nascar recordings.
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User's recommendation: Listen to the broadcast early so you'll have time to change channels.

map-marker Tampa, Florida

St. Pete IRL Grand PRIX RIPOFF!!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS SUCH BS!!!!!!!! I bought tickets to the ST.PETE Grand Prix knowing even if it rained this is a race that races in the rain. They canceled the race...not even trying to dry the track. The sun came out and it stopped raining not even an hour after the race was supposed to start. Rather than pushing the race back the same day they just canceled it. Then they made general admission free for the next day when they are going to run the race. I paid almost $200 for 4 general admission tickets and now you can go for free. They won't refund my money and I can't even sell my tickets because you can get in for free tomorrow! This is such BS. I have been to plenty of events and races and I have never seen a more disorganized unfair display of an event. We are in a recession and the people who have jobs work very hard to keep those jobs and can't take Monday off. I would be fine if I could sell my tickets. Now I have 4 tickets that are worth nothing. Thanks St. Pete and the IRL...
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