I just received 3 emails this is the 1st one I’d like to offer you a business proposal. Be so kind as get acquainted with it. Undoubtedly, it will interest you. It’s Gordon Parla and work at BRAVO TRAVEL. At present, we are taking much efforts to develop our commercial actions and are willing to open a supplementary department in the USA. Because of the opening of the branch in another state located on the other continent, we have a necessity of searching for new employees working part time. Sure, this message is an invitation aimed at drawing your attention to BRAVOTRAVEL UK and reflecting on collaborating with us. We are looking for responsible, energetic and communicative employees willing to earn supplementary income to their key work. Once more, at the first stage of our collaboration, you won’t have to leave your main work, your region of residence. We propose supplementary income with really appropriate salary. The principal advantages of the proposal:1.A wide range of advantages provided by the company 2.This is a part-time employment (you can spend 5-8 hours per week only) 3.Decent payment - three thousand US dollars per month 4.Free of charge education (we will pay wage from the beginning of your education period, rather than after entering upon your duties) 5.You are offered to try yourself as Journey Controller 6.Preferment (it may well be so that working successfully at our company will be more attractive and profitable). About us in a few words: The company BRAVOTRAVEL has been functioning in the EU market of travel servicing for more than ten-year period. We are in the lead in this industry. A great number of thankful customers in the world is the finest result of our devoted and profitable work. Regarding the success of the previous years, we are willing to enter the intercontinental market and open a new office in the USA. I expect that you are concerned about the productive collaboration with our company. If that is really so, the only thing you have to do is to send your consent in the letter of response and I will inform you on the details of the vacancy offered.
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I have received these emails today and I started to learn about what they were. Do you have anymore information on why they are scams? I'm not even illegible to have this job.

#921381 Review #921381 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Reason of review
Bad quality

Review in Employment Agencies category from Liberty, Missouri

I recieved the same email today from Mr Buero, and i had replied to it before i thought about it. I was very excited, and replied yes and i asked him what made me a candidate for a position i'v never had?? After that i tried to google his name and got nothing.?. Scaryyyy then i seen this site, and one other that had got the same mysterious emails. This is very weird. I know last year i got a letter from the government, that stated my info and thousands of other people's info had been hacked into. Someone hacked into one of the goverment sites, and stold all our info including my finger prints???? In the letter they said although ""at this time we see no evidence that they would be able to use them, we don' t know if this would change in the future."" Talk about scared. It said they not only had my info, but my 3 kids as well. So they said they automaticly set us up on some stolen identity insurance type bull-***. Sorry for cussing, but if they hackec into the dam governnents info--'this is some scary ***. Then when i got this weird email today i wandered if it had anything to do with that. Not to mention how many times this year they have called and saif they were the IRS? And i was scared to death. They threatened me and said they were comming to arrest me. I had my lawyer investigate those and it was a scam. So beware people. These mo-fo's stop at nothing.
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Liberty, Missouri

Review in Employment Agencies category from Green Bay, Wisconsin

If you receive an email to be employed by them out of nowhere it is a scam. Mine was sent by a person named Amande Buero. You can tell because they forward all of their messages. Its usually sent by some random emailname@***.net then at the top says email to indigodmcmanagement@***.com or something. In the email they talk about using western union and money gram or other p2p money services because the international people traveling can not exchange currency rates easily, big red flag. So be careful. Then you try and call the number listed and it doesnt ring, just says this person is unavailable. Just disregard any email sent by them if you havent first contacted the actual Indigo DMC group initially regarding a service or employment. You'll be a whole lot happier you do not fall into this trap.
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Im doing this Anonymously but I live in ATL and they contacted me also. They sent about 4 emails like they wanted to pressure me into the so called job. Havent and wont respond to them.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Indigo Recruiting Group Employment Services Review

I recently received the same thing but now they have switched to using PayPal for their scam. They put the money in and as soon as you let them know that the moneygram has been sent they pull a refund for the funds from paypal. They almost got me for $4700, luckily I checked my paypal account right after and was able to cancel the moneygram transfers before they were picked up.
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Chesapeake, Virginia
Reason of review
Bad quality
New Reviewer

Indigo Recruiting is a total scam!!!

Update by user Jul 07, 2015

This company deserved NO stars.

Original review posted by user Jul 07, 2015
They wanted to tell me I was going to be a field agent and open up offices in the US. They put cash in a bank account I recently opened and had me withdraw the money out and send it to Russia via MoneyGram. *** me did this twice and they said I was going to get a $200.00 bonus plus 8% commission of the money transferred and $725.00 usd a week salary with a one time $500.00 usd bonus for signing up. I have been told my money has been mailed and it will take 7 - 9 business days because it is coming from the UK. It has been 3 weeks and I have not received a dime. Furthermore, my bank closed my account because the deposits made were fraudulent and I can never bank with Wells Fargo again. This criminal activity has to be stopped. Jeremy Claussen was my supervisor and I hope he rots in jail to what he has done to me and countless others.
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This scam has been around on the internet for over 15 years and there are literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of complaints/postings/warnings about this. So why are people still falling for this scam?


I have just fell for the EXACT same scheme 3 days ago! Jeremy Claussen hired me for the same job title, same salary offer, told me my check had been mailed and never received it, and deposited money to my checking account which now has a block on it because of the transfers!!

i'm still waiting to hear the outcome from the bank. not sure what's going to happen.

will i have to pay back that money myself? can i be charged with a crime?


I immediately notified my local police department and they are under investigation. I had to pay $200.00 and was forever banned from that bank which was totally embarrassing.

But karma will get them.. You will have to pay money back but I doubt you will go to jail.

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Evans, Georgia
  • Being scammed
  • Or lied to
Reason of review
being lied to and scammed
Preferred solution
Full refund

Indigo Recruiting Group, Inc. Front for Money Gram Scam

Indigo Recruiting Group, Inc. is a staffing agency located in the United Kingdom. However, they may also be involved with a money gram scam group that has access to their website. Under a legitimate company and contact information appears. However, because I sent a resume to another company using one of the resume building sites-i.e. career builders, monster, HR/Resource etc. I was contacted by a man named Jeremy Claessen, who said he was the HR Manager for Indigo. He saw my resume and would like to hire me as a Local Agent. They provided me with a W-4 Tax From, I-90 Form, and W-4P Form for their Annuity Plan option. All of which seemed completely legitimate. However, after completing all of the new employee paperwork and providing a tax payer identification number to them. I was then assigned my 1st job task. And of course, it was to transfer money to a so called "client" from my bank to money gram. If it's not clear that they are a scam or front, I don't know what is. I'm in the process of contacting the C.E.O. of Indigo Recruiting Group, Inc. Or, at least the person that was listed as the C.E.O.- James May. Whose name appeared as the authorized signer of my employment contract with them. And, find out if he knows that his company is being used as a front. Or, if his company is actually involved. I then plan to file complaints with the Department of Justice and the FBI to shut these mother f.....ckers down. And, more importantly, not have my personal information be used in a scam. I hope anyone that reads this post files complaints as well. We need to stop these people from praying on folks that I are just looking for something to make ends meet. Or, need employment or additional income. It's inexcusable and our government needs to do something about it-and protect us.
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Thanks for the post. I was about to sign up with them.


Great article. Thanks for the info, this is really a helpful post.

BTW, if anyone needs to fill out form W-4P, I found a blank form in this link This site PDFfiller also has several related forms that you might find useful.


I too was looking for a job through I was contacted by a person named Jeremy Claessen.

I too received W-4 and ICD-9, which seemed legitimate. However.

my first assignment involves sending a money order, which they expect me to complete tomorrow morning. I think I'll pass


This is surely a scam. I took the first assignment to transfer money and then they withdrew the deposit which will cause you to be overdrawn in your account.

He has been sending threatening messages saying I stole his money because I never completed the transactions and his legal department will be looking for me and he has contacted the local authorities. Such a scam do not sign up for this.


I received the same correspondence via email, was told that I would be interviewed and given a date. I emailed them back to indicate I was unable to be interviewed on that particular day. They called, I missed the call, a few days later I got an email that I was being offered employment by Indigo Recruiting Group with an attached employment agreement.

I have no intention of responding to their offer.


I realized it was a scam from the beginning. The employment agreement I sent it back blank as well as the i9 and never sent my id and they responded thanks we have received your copies.

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Woodbridge, Virginia
  • Recruited for money gram scam
Reason of review
Recruited for money gram scam

Employment Review

I did not submit a resume but was contacted for 'employment'. However, I was given the tsdk of receiving funds into my checking account and forwarding those funds via wire transfer. This did not seen legal. Also, the use of the English language did not seem accurate. At timed tense or pronouns were incorrect. I was not comfortable with this company.
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#629258 Review #629258 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Washington, District Of Columbia
New Reviewer

Indigo Recruiting Group Inc

33. Indigo Recruiting Group Inc provided an excellent service. They were very professional, friendly and they really know the recruitment market. I sent my CV in and received a call that evening. They explained what it was like to work in the industry and helped me decide what kind of company I would be suitable for. A day after my meeting them, they set up an interview with a company I was previously trying to get into called Huntress. My CV had no recruitment experience so it was very difficult for me to get noticed, but they saw potential in me and managed to put me in line for a role I really wanted. They kept in contact with me throughout the interview process and were extremely helpful. They also negotiated a higher salary for me after the offer was made. I'm now in an amazing company working in an entertaining environment and learning from the best. This is all thanks to the team at Indigo Recruiting Group Inc.
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Are they real ? Ive got an offer from them and they never give me an interview, and the next day they sent me a welcoming email. That's weird.


why are all of the comments about employment? this is not an employment agency.


I know it's wired to see 2012 comment only, I think this ppl are a fraud


Why are all the reviews from August 16th 2012..come on ppl!! watch out for scamming predators..pray for these people who created this business to appear "real"


Hello did you find out anything about this ppl?


Indigo Recruiting Group Inc is fairly new company, but provided a very provisional service, and the caliber of candidates met our needs entirely. Claire understood our requirements and ensured that the candidates offered for interview met our minimum expectations which made the recruitment process run much smoother than our previous experience.


After no luck with the job center I joined Indigo Recruiting Group Inc up and was in work in no time. The staff is friendly and professional.

My placement ended in a full time job. Outstanding service highly recommended.


I was placed by Indigo Recruiting Group Inc - for the second time - two months ago. I was first placed over four years ago in a great job, and I got in touch again for my next search.

I have had very positive experiences with Indigo Recruiting Group Inc, and I highly recommend this agency.

I have also passed on details to friends and colleagues, who have had similar positive experiences, whether they eventually are placed or not. This is a agency who values its candidates as much as its clients.


Top class service from start to finish. No messing, just honest information and advice.

Listened to what I wanted and found it.

Fantastic service provided to me and would highly recommend this company. Need assistance, trust me try Indigo Recruiting Group Inc from someone who has and has never looked back


Indigo Recruiting Group Inc offers a fantastic, personal service. They take the time to listen to and understand their candidates in order to match them to the best job.

They were available outside of office hours to provide help and advice. I would definitely use them again.

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Kiev, Kyiv

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