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Allen Werner and his Independent Pool Company began our pool this September right after Labor Day 2016. Allen Werner is owner and works out of his truck, makes promises he never keeps, takes your money and doesn't show up for weeks, never returns phone calls or texts, leaves a ton of litter at worksite, has three employees all over 65, I'm guessing, who might work five hours a day with most of that time sitting around smoking cigarettes and...
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I gave Independent Pool Inc a deposit for a small pool with no cage in April 2016. They started my pool at the beginning of June. Weeks go by without anyone showing up to work on the pool. We were originally promised a pool in 3 to 5 weeks. Then promised by July 4th. By the end of August pool was still not finished. We were then promised the pool would be done the week before Hurricane Hermine passed us. Again no one came to finish pool. We have...
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I didn't like
  • Four months and i still do not have a pool
  • Incompetent pool contractors
  • Pool popped 3 feet out of the ground