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Amount of money paid: $1608 Commitment: Imperial Freight Lines was paid a security deposit to move my boyfriends and my belongings from Chicago to California. As shown in the attachments, they state business is conducted with a friendly attitude, making the experience smooth and problem-free. This was not the service I received, in fact, this experience caused an enormous amount of stress and caused several problems. The company promised to have a set carrier, date, and time of the move BEFORE the moving window started- this claim has been recorded as all of their calls are recorded. This is where the service paid for has not been delivered. After countless attempts to make contact the week before my cross-country move, all trust and good faith were diminished. Imperial Fright Lines failed to address my concerns. These concerns were expressed in a variety of methods as I was desperate to get answers. My methods of outreach (see attached for details) were in the form of emails, text messages, voicemails, Facebook messages, and Instagram messages. When contact was made, I received contradictory information and was treated rudely. Once the moving window began and there was STILL no confirmation of a carrier, date, and time of my move, I sent an email officially canceling my move with Imperial Freight Lines and requested a full refund. NO attempts were made to rectify their shortcomings and I have not received a refund. Its shocking that a company can expect a customer to trust them with ALL of their possessions when they have poor communication skills and do not follow through with their guarantees. Imperial Freight Lines only uses ACH payment- a former employee took a customers bank information and stole THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. This company has a history of fraudulent actions- see linked video:
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User's recommendation: DON'T be a future customer, plain and simple!

Gary P Mnc
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Gary Paradis. Medford Oregon to Odessa. P/up Jan 31,2021. Delivered 1/2 my stuff 5 weeks later after they had put it in storage- same scenario- after they loaded the truck - the price increased About 30%. My dining room table was damaged and chairs all scuffed up- the movers were emigrants from NJ with a Penske truck - they delivered1/2 my scuffed 2-11. the truck was so packed with other house holds they pulled out of the storage ware house- they could not get to all my plastic tubs . A tv and a suit case - they said they would return in a day - they did not and took my freight to New Jersey and put it in a publics ware house. Carrier they brokered to has no insurance and is out of business - my stuff sits at a Publix ware house and eventually be take to the dump after they salvage what they can for rent payment. DO NOT use these people. You will get totally screwed 541-840-****. It was actually worse - I spared you the customer service responses from these schiesters. They are scammers Imperial freight lines in Lauderhill Florida. Scammers and liars
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  • Nothing said by anyone came to fruition
  • Will cost you thousands
  • Goods picked up but never delivered

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

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Scammers, Liars and Thieves. HORRIFIC!