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AC that never worked from Day 1

Imperial Energy installed our AC back in Dec 2014. Every season we would have the lines freeze up on our AC lines. Imperial energy would come out and troubleshoot. Every year they say it should be ok and every year on, you guessed it, the hottest day of the year, the...
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Imperial Energy disagrees with this individual and finds his review unfair and deceiving to others. This person fails to disclose that the reason he was being charged $230 was because of the fact that he cancelled his protection plan 8 months earlier.

Therefore he did not have any labour warranty in place. He also doesn’t disclose that he saved thousands of dollars in repair fees due to services that Imperial Energy provided him with up to the time that he cancelled his plan. Unfortunately this reviewer does not understand of the mechanics of air conditioners and believes that the new company has quickly found his problem which in fact is completely the opposite. There are generally two components that could cause a refrigerant leak in an air conditioner.

1) outdoor condenser coil 2) indoor evaporator coil The leak in this system was small enough that was causing the system to freeze every 18-24 months. Our technicians could not pinpoint a leak on their system during their visits as the leak was small enough that it would take 18-24 months to reduce the pressure. As a responsible contractor, before we submit warranty claim to manufacturers, we need to always find the exact location of the leak and if we don’t, it’s just becomes a guessing game. The new service provider couldn’t find the leak either and changed both components (indoor and outdoor coils) and had him pay for the labour and the indoor coil since they couldn’t have determined which of the two is the problem.

The copper tubing between the two systems doesn’t generally leak if you haven’t recently gone through renovations and punctured through the line. Therefore this is a great example of a homeowner that gets taken advantage of by IKAD (the new service provider) when they don’t understand the mechanics of the repair. This repair which was originally going to cost him ($0) under the protection plan now cost them $1500 with IKAD according to their claim. Had this individual continued paying their nominal protection plan fees, they would have had a much better experience as this repair would have not cost them anything.

As a service provider, we always recommend everyone to maintain their protection plans on their appliances with any company that they deal with or fully understand that the moment they cancel their coverage, they will lose all of the benefits that comes with that coverage.

If you are like this individual, you will find yourself being taken advantage of by others for many years to come after as you are now at the mercy of all other service providers that want to continue trying to sell you new products and services rather than repairing your system while the original supplier would have been more inclined to just repair your system for you. Imperial Energy truly cares about customer service and we do everything we can to ensure our clients have five star experience with us but unfortunately we can’t provide free service to customers that have no warranties/protection plan in place and despite our repeated effort to have this client understand how important is maintaining the coverage for them, they made a decision to cancel their coverage only to find themselves needing it 8 months later.

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