map-marker Lake Mary, Florida

Wayne J Scott and Impact Realty have been extorted by Dennis "Doc" Brady aka Lynch and Joe

Wayne J Scott and Impact Realty Inc has never had a complaint and remain 100% satisfaction rated among their buyers and sellers. Dennis Doc Brady thru fake names such as Lynch and Joe have tried to extort Wayne and Impact Realty out of $24,000. Tonden Int. LLC of Montana is a holding company he appears to be using in his schemes. Check out rip-off report on Dennis "Doc" Brady to find more of his victims. Wayne is an outstanding Realtor with outstanding credentials!! A man you can count on and trust with your real estate. New construction, existing construction, commercial and residential real estate award winning properties!!
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Reason of review:
Good customer service
map-marker Marblehead, Massachusetts

My Name is *** Lynch and I was also cheated by Wayne Scott who writes bad checks and cheats people

Years ago in Marblehead, MA this guy named Wayne Scott now using "Impact Realty and Consulting of Lake Mary, Florida " screwed me out of thousands of dollars in a business deal. Then he left Mass before I could get him and went to Florida to set up his crooked dealings once again. I have found him thanks to some guy who filed complaints on Rip and Wayne Scott attacks anyone who says anything about him. He is now attacking the BBB and the BBC as they have sided with the person filing the complaint. Beware of anyone claiming to be a Christian but doing bad works! DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS SICK MAN; Wayne Scott
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

The man that wrote this about Mr Scott is a scam artist, Grifter named Dennis Brady


I am Wayne J Scott and I am a licensed real estate broker in Massachusetts and Florida still complaint FREE since 1997. No shame in my game where this complaint is bogus by a PUNK aka Dennis "Doc" Brady who uses the internet to extort good business people using fictions names i.e. Lynch or Joe.


Bad business man who likes to cheat people and then when they complain he slanders them.

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