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Dear #857522 by anonymous It appears to me you have left your review on the wrong site. This review board is for Tom Stamman and I.M.I. Ministries. It appears to me that most of your complaints are about the Pastor of the church Tom was visiting, the congregation, and the children's behavior. Your complaints about Tom, is that he agreed to minister there. I believe this is a strange complaint. A person who serves a surrendered life to God, goes... Read more

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I went to here him at a church in Sanford NC back last year I think it was called healing house ministries. I have been to churches to hear him before but this time was something else. The church was small and the people were very unfriendly. The preacher tried to be funny and he was very annoying. There was kids acting up during the entire service nobody was controlling there children. I can understand why the church was small the preacher has... Read more

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My wife and I visited the City of Refuge in Honduras in April 2016 and were amazed to experience how lively, well educated and well nourished the 72 orphans were. So before you make accusation against this ministry, go on a Honduras mission trip and see for yourself. Its too easy to post negative information without accountability. The negativity about this ministry is groundless. See for yourself the fruit in Honduras and then you can judge. Read more

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Shalom - I have followed this ministry for over 10 years. Keep in mind he isn't God, never claims to be anything but a surrendered servant of HIS - (True n pure religion is to care for the widows n orphans ) hopelessly flawed like you and I he gives 100% of himself . We will know them by their fruits- rather them *** the hand of the servant feeding you/ go the the shepherd - we have to use common sense , grace and faith to appreciate this... Read more

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The Bible says to be aware of false prophets. For obvious reasons. This guy is one of them that comes to you in sheeps clothing preaching the gospel and evangelizing to people who are down, in need, and vulnerable enough to buy into what he is telling them. The guy apparently holds himself up to Gods level and is apparently convinced he is one and the same as God himself. He is not. Do not buy into anything he has to say or teach. Years ago when... Read more

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My husband and I and our 16 old daughter live in Tom Stammans house and help with the ministry. I find none of these accusations to be true that are here on this website. My husband and I, see on a daily basis how hard he works. My husband has traveled with him for a week about two weeks ago. Tom fasts alot and is always encouraging to people and we believe he tells the truth in love. Sometimes people don't want to hear truth they just want... Read more

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I saw that this so called profit was making a visit to someone I knows home in Iowa during the month of May . I did a little bit of research on this guy as my friend has a history of unfortunately following false churches and profits. WOW! I feel I need to warn him about this so that he can get this man to stay clear of his home!! I'm sure I know now why my friend appears to be a target to this guy. He does "appear " to be wealthy. I found... Read more

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TOM STAMMAN has proven himself to NOT be a phophet. I believe that he makes claims that cannot be backed up by scripture nor his own word. His words should not be received as the "words of the Lord". He has publicly defamed me and I believe his "gift" to be more mentalist than spiritual, more learned than given. Read more

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Tom Stamman has ministered in multiple churches I am connected with and has prayed over many, many people who I know well. Tom encourages and equips and the fruit-meter of his ministry is off the charts. Tom does an incredible work with hurting people all over the world and he gives much more of his resources away behind the scenes than he shares publicly. His ministry to orphans, church leaders in third world countries and to others is... Read more

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Tom Stamman of Impact Ministries goes around to churches and gives everyone personal words from God. He also has a feed the orphans scam going. He has given me false words from God such as to divorce my wife and all kinds of other things that werent accurate or scriptural. He got me to invest $700 to buy land in Uganda and I was supposed to see a return on it within a year. It has now been 5 years and no return, he will also not account for... Read more

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