michele w Eaz

Do not care about eyes ,just money!

I had good vision ,till my 50s my 1st pair of glass, I had no clue, so I went with the bi focals.I picked from the choices of glasses they said would be acceptable for my disability funds.It was hard to get use to them .Next time My disability allowed for glass ,I did not get the bifocals.my next 2 pairs were a bit better .SO I get a call telling me it is time to get new glass ,lie ,it was a eye test only ,if I wanted glass I would have to pay ,not disability! So had to wait 1year still ,by this time my glass ,were broken ,I was wearing dollar store glasses I. already picked the glasses .how ever, When the time came to get them, they did not have the ones I was promised,i also had the flu on pick up day,so i just took the and left the store,I was not happy so I kept wearing my dollar store ones,TILL Tom asked why not wear your new glasses?I said don,t work and uncomfortable,take them back , tried and manager said you only have 2weeks to return ,I called and told her ,the dollor store glass work better than yours ,SO I am stuck for 2 years wearing dollar store glass,i do not feel it is very professional , I feel you should care about vision if that is your business,can you do anything,she said you should of comeback within the 2 weeks,I said never call me again,you are nasty and I will find a good place next time!
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: i want glasses that I can see with and wear!