Jack F Www
map-marker Houston, Texas

Image Nails Tombal TX RIP OFFs!!!!!

Purchased a $40.00 gift card form Image Nails in Tombal right by the Kroger store there. Advertised on the gift card was "Mani-Pedi $22.00" Gave the card to my wife and daughter thinking they could both get mani pedis and just owe a couple bucks. They told the attendents over and over again they have a gift card and they only want a very Basic for the wife "Solr Nails advertised as $18.00" and for our daughteer not a mani pedi at $22.00 just the Manicure which you would think would be half the cost of the mani pedi. The total bill was $75.00 bucks! for a solor set and a manicure. Tried to talk to the so called manager who is a TOTAL ***! Wouldn't supply a break down reciept but tell you what $75.00 bucks may not be a big amount but there is a lot of principle that needs to be addressed so we will all be seeing this Manager and her boss in court very soon.
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