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Your chances of progress are nothing unless you have money.Lots of its 100 bucks will get you absolutely nothing. Gem rolling is pointless. Talent rolling is even worse. You want one decent non shardable legendary hero with a good talent? 2000 dollars. 1,000 for the hero 1,000 for the talent. I'm not exaggerating. Lhc and shc are paladins. 6 in row for me. This is a rich people's game.Uninstalled in outrage and now I'll be spreading the word.
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They consistently lie to their customers (like just today there was an in game message all day that said the game would go offline at 1am server time, so I went to bed and set my alarm to wake up at 12 server time to run my guild's boss event, and they changed it to 12 server time and we didn't complete it). Also, the reps know NOTHING about the game. They always give you the same cut and pasted reply, but never fix any problem you have. I wish I wasn't invested in this game. If I could have all my money back and stop playing right now I would in a heartbeat. Never EVER play a game or use a service produced by IGG...
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Dear Castle clash, I have been playing the game since 3 month, i have many shards hero, and I have rolled about 15k gems, but only i got was santa boom as a gems hero. Now I have rolled more than 50 heros but still got no legendary hero. If this continues further I would have to leave the game play. Please try to fix this problem as I am getting boeds using the same heros. And on my other windows castle clash account I am getting a bulk of...
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Igg Castle Clash Video Game Review

I have been playing over a year and startet saving my gems for the whole August and bought gems today. I rolled out over 11 k gems and got a santa and lady leo..... that I already have. I would like a respond on from IGG......