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When does the vampire diaries start in australia?

It's really tempting and possible to say this every week in regards to The Vampire Diaries but this week in particular I think I'd be remiss to not say, "I can't believe all that happened!" In calmer words, a whole lotta *** went down this week and the series once again threw a whole new twist at us to keep us on our toes. Things picked up quickly from where they left off last week as the seniors of Mystic Falls High prepared for the first day of their final school year by setting up pranks around the school in time honored tradition. This is all well and fun of course until Klaus and Rebecca turn up and throw a giant wrench into everything. After capturing Elena, Klaus proceeds to feed his blood and temporarily kill werewolf Tyler and tasks Bonnie with finding out why this act hasn't turned other werewolves into half-breeds yet. Knowing there is only limited time before Tyler will really die, Bonnie races off with Matt to find Jeremy whom she believes can help her make contact with an elder witch in the afterlife who might have some answers. More on that later. Stefan eventually shows up at the high school gym where all of this is going down and tries to pledge his loyalty to Klaus once again by killing two hapless teens. This works for a second until Rebecca figures out that Elena used to be in possession of her magic necklace. Elena admits that Katherine has it now but they don't believe her and therefore set a time limit for the necklace to show up. If it doesn't arrive, Klaus compels Stefan to feed on Elena. But this wasn't just your normal, everyday vampire compulsion. This one completely wiped out every ounce of good in Stefan. We are no longer messing around. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Matt search around for Jeremy but can't find him to save their lives. Or Tyler's life for that matter. Where might Jeremy be you ask? Well, turns out he's in the trunk of car being driven far, far away by Damon and Katherine. Jeremy may not seem like their ideal travel companion and its true – he's not at all. He is along for the ride only so they can use him to communicate with his dead girlfriend Anna who happens to have info about Michael who is a vampire that hunts vampires who was most recently hunting Klaus and Rebecca. Got all that? Yeah, me neither. Regardless of what we know, though, they get some info about where this Michael is entombed (by torturing Jeremy mind you) but then Damon gets frantic texts from Bonnie about what's going down so he dashes off to the rescue despite Katherine's urgings not to. At this point Bonnie and Matt still can't find Jeremy so Matt decides to take one for the team by drowning himself and hopefully communicate with his dead sister, Vicky, who has been haunting him recently. Matt has been a massively sad panda lately so any storyline about him intentionally killing himself is a tad eerie and only further points out his despair. Worries aside, his plan works and after Bonnie does CPR he is able to give info directly from Vicky that Klaus's transformations aren't working because Elena isn't dead. I had thought this point was well-known and obvious but what struck me as even stranger about this whole thing was – why does Vicky know anything about it? Why would she have witch connections? Is this an intentional plot point or just lazy writing? I'm suspicious about everything now. You've been warned. Back in the gym time runs out and Stefan tries to eat Elena. Does she die? Not quite. Instead, Klaus feeds some of Elena's blood to Tyler and it stops him from potentially dying by turning him into a werewolf-vampire half-breed like Klaus! But instead of being grumpy about it, Tyler actually ends up being the happiest we've ever seen him! Imagine the wild sex he and Caroline will have now! Yowzas! All of this means though that rather than let Stefan kill Elena, Klaus is just going to keep her around as his personal little blood bank to continue turning werewolves into half-breeds. He apparently reached this conclusion on a whim (another weak writing point this week?) so kudos to him for a lucky guess! Too bad his plan is foiled when Damon shows up, mentions that Michael is coming, and sends him running for cover. Damon then takes Elena home and is incredibly sweet with her. At this point we all know that they're destined for a little hookup/serious relationship but what I liked most about this week's episode is when Stefan walked into the house with a cocktail saying *** mean things like we've seen Damon do countless times. He and Damon have officially switched roles and I cannot wait to watch this new dynamic play out. I also can't help but wonder if this will be a long-term thing. My gut kinda tells me that Bad Stefan is here to stay. Is the vampire diaries still playing in australia, if it is what channel?? when is it on? For more information, please come to
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I think this post is a little late, but its currently showing on Fox8 here in australia. Glad to help


Is this nutjob typical of all Australians?


Does this look like the TV Guide website, Numbnutz??

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