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All I have gotten is the run around with this company. I have come to the conclusion that none of them work and u cant get a refund. I am very dissatisfied with the service and the Copper Fit Step FX I have received. I would not suggest that in one in there right mind buy any product put out by the company. They are a rip off and carry a product that will not work . They r out to swindle customers and I think it is a shame and disgrace...
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Anonymous i ordered 3 sets and i have not heard from them except to tell me the got my order???????

I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Anything about the product or refund
I purchased the copper-fit/ step fx on July 25, 2016 at a Bed Bath and Beyond store,in Santa Rosa calif. . I followed the instructions and the device never came on. I am sending it back to you for one that works. It is a shame people have to go through a process like this to REPLACE a product that DOES Not Work. I bought this product in good faith. I am very disappointed. I tried calling but, only answering machine came on. My Name is Jim...
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